Scatter 4.0

by BD3D in Scripts and Addons

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  • Andreas Leiner 11 months ago

    One of the most helpful addons I have ever bought. Not cheap but a huge time saver and the results are very convincing. And a really fast support for a small problem I had in the beginning.

  • Artur Szóstakowski 11 months ago

    This addon is a must if you are interested in archviz rendering in blender. It speeds up the process of setting up grass systems which can take literally hours of work based on trail and error to a simple two mouse click setup - and the results are totally photoreal grass systems! Massive time saver and an awesome quality. Worth every dollar!

  • Jose Ramirez 11 months ago

    Since I bought this AWESOME addon I haven't missed 3DSMAX & Forest Pack anymore.
    It saves me time everytime I create a vegetation system overall with its presets for different kind of grass.
    Each time I have to create custom vegetation system (with my plants, flowers, rocks,shrubs, bushes...) I save even much more time because it's so intuitive that it's even funny.
    I save a lot of money every month because I use Blender and it's FREE and the price for this AWESOME addon is "cheap" in terms of all what you save with it everytime you use it.
    It's fundamental how you can create tens of thousands of proxies and how they can be displayed with the self proxy representation or the percentage of displaying or simply, the NO DISPLAYING OPTION, which is the key for large scenes.
    I'm working in a superhuge exterior scene and Scatter is working super-reliable.
    Your system never be frozen due to the huge amount of scattered objects because automatically turns off the displaying.
    Simply the best addon I've bought and highly recommended.

  • Richard Garber 12 months ago

    My first time results were amazing. Folks I showed my picture too said absolutely if they didn't know I had sent them a picture of a model they would have thought the grass pictures I sent them were real. I haven't spoke with the author yet but I'd like to see if it's not available already a means to weight paint areas of an object to place vegetation onto rather than only using the area restricted by the size of the object.

  • Nick Sayce about 1 year ago

    Brilliant addon, it's now integral to my whole workflow. It's not just the simplicity of use, but it's the fact it looks so utterly good. I was quite close to photorealism with the grass and flowers I've made before, but this addon has made all my old attempts totally obsolete. It's worth every penny. I look forward to the updates!

  • Edmis about 1 year ago

    Necessary addon for detail rich views.

  • Tomasz Makieła about 1 year ago

    It makes complex workflow simple and brings great performance and usability. Default biomes look great and are perfectly fine for my needs, so I can really add vegetation in a few clicks. No need for extensive tweaks.

  • mike0815 about 1 year ago

    This is a really great and impressive addon. Especially the possibility to choose your own mesh is great. Other addons are restricted to their inbuild meshes. So here you can choose the prebuild or your own, what gives your the greatest amount of freedom you want.

  • Janne Pitkänen about 1 year ago

    Absolutely fabulous plugin. Having jumped into blender just about a year ago, i've been searching something like this! It's really easy to use with virtually any objects as long as you remember to make the proxies (*lol*) . Run smooth as a silk on i7, 32 GB Ram, GeForce 2080RTX) and fantastically even on 6 year old Asus laptop (i7, 24 GB Ram, GeForce 765M). Has a ton of features - when used creatively - can create amazing things. I'm using it primarely on matte paintings!! Worth Every Penny!!!

  • matwire about 1 year ago

    Great add-on, very user friendly.
    Now I can add more details into large scene project ^^

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