Scatter 5.2

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  • Hamza
    6 days ago

    Unfortunately this addon has a serious limitation which is that you cannot export the results conveniently to ***any*** modern format (gltf, fbx, etc) without doing extra manual work for scatter5 objects ***each time*** you want to edit then export.

    This is because this addon uses Blender's geometry nodes, which themselves do not support export operations, and this is an abandoned issue for Blender at the moment (issue went to triage 6 months ago, no updates since). So if you need to export your work and iterate on it, note this huge limitation that currently exists with this addon.

    This is likely not the addon developer's fault (doesn't sound like there's a better choice for them to use today?), and they were very quick to respond to my questions, but still this is my actual experience with the addon, and will be yours if you need to export and don't have tooling developer(s). It seems like a really great addon, but the overall iteration experience is not great with my situation.

    • BD3D

      6 days ago

      Hi Hamza, we are sorry that blender exporter does not work properly. It seems that your bad experience is unrelated to our product.
  • RJ17ANA
    11 days ago

    Absolutely love this addon! I struggled to do landscape to complete my 6 months Royal Children's Hospital, SPECIAL THANKS to this amazing addon completed my project. Thank you SO MUCH! 😎

  • Felix
    19 days ago

    Great add-on with equally great support from the team!

  • Sam Goldwater
    26 days ago

    Absolutely comprehensive tools, cleanly presented and we'll supported by the devs - one of Blender's must haves :)

  • Corby
    about 1 month ago


    • BD3D

      about 1 month ago

      Hello Corby We explain in detail how to install our plugin in this page. Here is how it works: 1) install the Scatter5 plugin, which is a standalone scattering toolset. 2) install the biome pack of your choice
  • irza
    about 1 month ago

    Great Addon and also their team

  • Brian Terranova
    3 months ago

    I cannot tell you how much this plug-in improves my workflow in Blender. Environment design can be time consuming. Scatter 5 not only speeds up project setups, but the ease of customization allows me to create renders that would have taken much longer. At this point I am using Scatter 5 in 80-90% of my projects. I have not run into any technical issues and the ability to install packs into the plug-in just makes scattering that much more simple. Not to mention, there are so many ways to create unique designs using their features. A must buy for 3D artists!

  • sh11234
    3 months ago


  • Julien
    4 months ago

    As a concept artist this makes my life way easy. I preach this product to every artist I meet.

  • Hanterdro
    4 months ago

    One of my favourite and most used Blender addons.
    It's not cheap, but worth the price!

    • BD3D

      4 months ago

      Thanks for your nice review Hanterdro! Note that our product is mainly conceived by, and for b3d professionals, the price is relatively low for someone working full time in this field. We do understand it might be expensive for someone experimenting with 3d as a recreational hobby, and we intend to find a solution to this problem later this year.

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