Scatter 4.0

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  • josh
    12 days ago

    This product is just the Blenders particle systems in a new window. This product is useful but not worth the hype or price. I do not recommend it.

    • BD3D

      12 days ago

      Hello Josh
      I'm sorry that you are disappointed with Scatter4.

      Your claim about Scatter4 being a "Blender particle system in a new window" is False, the Scatter plugin innovated an immense amount of essential functionalities, it's not "Just" something, it's years of work and researches accumulated in a well-polished and designed product aimed for professionals who need a proper, complete and easy to use Scattering solution.

      Just to give you a sample of the features we implemented :

      - Procedural Camera clipping / Camera Culling Masks
      - a Proxy/ Level of detail system
      - Point Cloud Optimization
      - the One-Click to use Biomes system + customization possibilities
      - Batch change properties
      - Procedural Elevation / Curvature / Slope Control
      - Procedural Particle-Proximity Masks
      - Procedural Bezier Path / Area Masks
      - The easy to use Texture Manager
      - Procedural Object Collision Masks
      - Boundary Masks
      - ... and many other

      Add to the fact that Scatter5 is right around the corner and every feature of Scatter4 looks tinier compare to what's to come.

  • Jp
    about 1 month ago

    Awesome products...a real game changer...and incredibly responsive support...just amazing...1000% recommended!!

  • Pete Burges
    about 1 month ago

    This is a superb addon that enables you to populate your scene with objects quickly and realistically, with just a few clicks. Mostly I've used it for grass and foliage and it's amazing how good it looks in so little time. There also seems to be plenty of optimising going on under the hood as render times remain respectable.

  • Jaxon
    3 months ago

    Amazing must have addon that will save you countless hours!!!

  • Nataliia Hodovana
    3 months ago

    Thank you so much. The best addon.

  • Nico van der Merwe
    4 months ago

    Scatter 4.0 Pro is a must have addon BUT....... your world will turn upside down and you will fall head over heels in love with the upcoming scatter 5.0 - the manual distribution options are absolutely mind-blowing awesome not to mention wind animations....

  • jens
    4 months ago

    Beautiful Addon and beautiful customer support 10/10

  • punker3d
    4 months ago

    This is one of those "must have" addon's, especially if you are creating environmental scenes often. The power in this addon is incredible! And, having just watched the latest Beta Video for v.5 coming out in November, you are crazy if you aren't impressed and excited for it to come out! The developer is also friendly and very helpful which is always a bonus when you run into hiccups or have questions. You can see how much work has been done to create this awesome addon when you delve into it.

  • Danko PAVLOVIC
    4 months ago

    If a carpenter can't work without a hammer .. i think a blender 3d artist can't work without the Scatter 4.0 in his tools! Everything is great about this addon and none of my pictures would be the same without it! I want to thank Dorian Borremans for his work on this addon and if any of you want to see my achievements with Scatter 4.0 just check it out here :

  • Warren Reed
    8 months ago

    My web series NJAA is mostly outdoor environments, set in East Africa, where on most streets there is a lot of debris of various kinds, and if not the streets, then you need trees, etc. The add on is already saved me hours hand placing flyers, pebbles, bits of wood, brick, etc. Thank you!

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