Scatter 4.0

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  • Maciej Niezg√≥dka about 1 hour ago

    This is the top of useful Blender addons. It is so time saver and so wide possibilities to tweak that my brain can't handle it in one second. It is worth to have it in your addon portfolio. Congratulation to the author. Thank you for this wonderful piece of software.

  • janex 2 days ago

    Great thanks. There is nothing to deliver a full purpose.

  • Daniel 14 days ago

    Clearly the best addon for scattering vegetation and everything else you can imagine

  • Alex DeBord about 2 months ago

    Amazing addon and truly a life saver when doing animations, absolutely love using this and all the features and settings that come with it; plus the response time from the support side is amazing. Would recommend this to any blender user!

  • Corey 2 months ago

    I've only just started using this tool and with a little assistance from the documentation, and the creator of the addon, I'm on a roll.

    It's worth it. Get it and try it yourself. =]

  • JayDead 2 months ago

    Now that I've tasted the power of scatter, there's no turning back.

    Extremely polished add-on with a bunch of content. Highly recommended if you have any intention to scatter objects on regular basis.

  • ChameleonScales 2 months ago

    flippin' awesome !

  • pedrowilde 3 months ago


  • Vesper 3 months ago

    This Author is Crazy!!! Scatter is easily worth double what he is charging. I had a few recent projects where I needed to compose a cityscape and the last thing I wanted to do was to use the particle system and figure out all the defined areas I needed to make the scene look good. This addon literaly took weeks off my time. I am so indebted to the Author, I almost feel bad paying 60$ for this. Thank you Thank you and their support is so quick.... You guys are crazy!!!!

  • dogdayfear 4 months ago

    A must for archviz and for general porpouse.

    I think its the best plugin I have bought considereing the support and the developement and new features.

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