Scatter 4.0

by BD3D in Scripts and Addons

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  • Nikolaj Andersen 6 months ago

    Excellent tool! Any plans for Octane support?

  • Chuck Blier 6 months ago

    installed as instructed... can't find presets. all I get are errors Blender 2.83.1

    • Dorian Borremans 6 months ago

      Hello Chuck,
      I'm sorry for your trouble,.

      After a few messages, It seemed to be only a simple installation problem,

      If anyone have any issues on installation :
      - There is an online guide, explaining the basic installation process of Scatter
      (it basically install like any other addons)
      - Contact me via message, I'm reactive and will solve problems.

  • Carlos Barreto 6 months ago

    Such an amazing tool. Such an amazing developer.
    My experience with Scatter is a pleasand story.

    I bought Graswald some time ago, and I told myself. That´s the tools I need to do my nature scenes. Then Scatter came.... I looked at it and though... I won´t buy it because I have Graswald that does the same.

    I was soooooo wrong.... They help each other.
    If you have graswald, nuying scatter will just make you workflow much easier, because scatter has a LOT of configurations, to (sound redundant) scatter your stuff on the scene, and in a easy way.

    You can, with a click of a button, get a particle created in graswald, and tweek it in scatter.

    And the attention of the developer is something I got amazed.

    To summarize, anyone that buys scatter probably wont regret it
    I'm in love with this addon.😍

  • melkesedek 8 months ago

    After years of struggle with lots of good tutorials but without success (my fault). I now can integrate acceptable nature in my architecture renders. Thanks for a very usable tool!

  • spyrule 8 months ago

    Not cheap, but efficient and clean and entirely worth the money. Just buy it!

  • H.Koenig 9 months ago

    Scatter is just brilliant, easy to use and a absolute time saver.
    Its a pleasure to create meadows with lots of flowers, weeds and grass in no time.
    And on top... BD3D´s quick response to questions and problems is outstanding!
    Thanks for this great addon and keep up the good work!

  • Rahul 9 months ago

    Just amazing, highly recommended for any environment artist!

  • Flavio Della Tommasa 9 months ago

    A tool that can not miss for those looking for an effective and simple method to set up to have an exceptional realism. An essential addon.

  • Nils 9 months ago

    Even just using everything that's included in the add-on you can make some awesome looking stuff very quickly.

  • G. Casqueiro 10 months ago

    Scatter has made my life so easy!! FInally an amazing addon for vegetation in archviz (and other areas). Can't wait for season 2!

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