Scatter 4.0

by BD3D in Scripts and Addons

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  • Daniel 2 months ago

    Clearly the best addon for scattering vegetation and everything else you can imagine

  • Alex DeBord 4 months ago

    Amazing addon and truly a life saver when doing animations, absolutely love using this and all the features and settings that come with it; plus the response time from the support side is amazing. Would recommend this to any blender user!

  • Corey 4 months ago

    I've only just started using this tool and with a little assistance from the documentation, and the creator of the addon, I'm on a roll.

    It's worth it. Get it and try it yourself. =]

  • JayDead 4 months ago

    Now that I've tasted the power of scatter, there's no turning back.

    Extremely polished add-on with a bunch of content. Highly recommended if you have any intention to scatter objects on regular basis.

  • ChameleonScales 4 months ago

    flippin' awesome !

  • pedrowilde 5 months ago


  • Vesper 5 months ago

    This Author is Crazy!!! Scatter is easily worth double what he is charging. I had a few recent projects where I needed to compose a cityscape and the last thing I wanted to do was to use the particle system and figure out all the defined areas I needed to make the scene look good. This addon literaly took weeks off my time. I am so indebted to the Author, I almost feel bad paying 60$ for this. Thank you Thank you and their support is so quick.... You guys are crazy!!!!

  • dogdayfear 5 months ago

    A must for archviz and for general porpouse.

    I think its the best plugin I have bought considereing the support and the developement and new features.

  • ben 6 months ago

    one of the most useful blender add-ons I've ever used. Thank you!

  • wanchoke 6 months ago

    Before buy I hesitate. After I bought, I'm happy with it. Very useful tool.

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