Scatter 5.1

by BD3D in Scripts and Addons

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  • Martin
    about 1 month ago

    I am really amazed with this add on - 99$ for around 190 assets so not even 0.5 $ for an each model and all the distribution and scattering logic/code behind it is really amazing. I just got it recently so i am very new to it. So there is a lot more for me to discover but i am in love already .. Creating some nature scenes never been easier :-) The documentation is probably the best what i ever saw to any other software/addon. The man behind it BD3D is also very helpful, he would reply to my question/problem even on the weekend :) So for sure i am giving 5 stars, if i could put 10 i would do it. Thanks again BD3D!! this tool is really awesome and i recommend to everyone to give this a try . Rendering the scenes is also pretty fast so there must been a lot of shader / model optimization ..When i was creating grass fields before with particles it has been always nightmare for my pc but with a scatter5 its no problem at all. This tool is awesome !

  • Heikki Takala
    about 1 month ago

    After brief test i can already say this is a great product! Really intuitive to use and great results.

  • AnPap
    about 1 month ago

    Wow... this is amazing, deep level of customization but still easy to learn and use. After a quick glance at the very clear documentation i feel like a black belt in Scatter-Fu.
    Incredibly Powerful, solid and polished.

  • Jesper Johansson
    2 months ago


  • Michele
    2 months ago

    Really great!!!

  • Tanipai
    3 months ago

    This is an awesome addon. I just start learning blender recently and still not good with their tools much. But you can use this addon to create many posibility with a few click and the come out is also breathtaking! The creator also responsive, 5 Stars for sure~

  • Bobo
    3 months ago

    Wonderful, so much joy.

  • Alberto
    3 months ago

    So much options, so much possibilities. High amount of biomes. Recommended.

  • marat
    4 months ago

    Great product! Why proxy (LOD) has been removed? I remember there 're LOD support in the previous version.

  • Cepsu
    4 months ago

    The Scatter5 plugin is the most powerful plugin of blender i have ever tried! It's the real deal! It offer so many very complete features with 0 learning curve, you'll start being productive right away. we can trully feel the ammount of work that was put in this plugin by using it, it is very polished and very well designed, there's not a lot of products that offer that ammount of polish on the market in my opinion. Well done 👌

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