Scatter 4.0

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Scatter5 is the latest version we are currently cooking for you! This version is a complete overhaul of the workflow with an astonishing amount of new features and improvements. It will be available for blender 3.0 in the end of this year. All existing customers will have free upgrades to Scatter5 once it's ready. Note that I'm also working on a free version. Have Fun testing out the beta!

While we are currently working on the plugin, you can access the OpenBeta for blender 2.93. You can Download the latest work-in-progress build by clicking here. Let us know what you think about the beta by leaving your thoughts in the blender-artist thread

The professional scattering tool we all want in Blender, including the right features that turn the creative process into prowess. In order to streamline your workflow, we created the Presets; you can count on them to achieve more in one click, then easily adjust the result inside our efficient tweaking area.
The elemental power of Scatter takes the form of well-balanced, premade ecosystems that embrace specific atmospheres. We proudly call them “Biomes”. It is like magic: select the Biome that fits with the mood of your project and build outstanding scenes in a matter of seconds.
Distributing your particles with flexibility and precision is key focus, therefore we decided to craft a non-destructive and powerful vertex-group Masking Workflow. Add as many Masks as you want, navigate through them like modifiers, tweak them without losing any data, all the power of Scatter resides in this innovating functionality.
Scatter wants you to deliver at your best: Lodify (the LOD system we provide for free here) allows you to save critical resources by managing polycounts easily. Scatter is equipped with various security features that will prevent your computer from crashing, in addition, Scatter disposes of masks that distribute particles only in visible areas.

Some Powerful Features
Here is a glimpse of some useful functionalities
One-Click Scattering
Select any assets you'd like, choose your distribution preset and just click on "Scatter". Who told you that Scattering was difficult?
One-Click Vegetation
Only one click is enough to make a complex ecosystem of different premade particle systems with the Scatter Biome library. Creating lawns in Blender has never been that easy!
Innovative LOD's
With Lodify, you can create multiple levels of detail (or proxies) for your meshes that will dynamically change from render to viewport. Extremely important for optimizing your viewport speed.
Efficient Tweaking
With Scatter you can adjust your parameters and clustering pattern extremely easily, giving you an infinite amount of variation to play with.
Multilayer Painting
With only one painting-layer mask, you can assign multiple particle systems at the same time! The influence can also be reversed at will for maximum flexibility.
Altitude Mask
The altitude mask will highlight areas depending on your terrain elevation. Would you like to avoid vegetation on mountain tops or submarine grounds? no problem!
Slope Mask
Non-destructive particle distribution from your terrain slope is just a must-have. That's why we bring it within Scatter vertex-group mask workflow.
Curvature Mask
The curvature mask will highlight concave or convex areas for your distribution. Creating a complex good looking landscape with Scatter is a breeze.
Orientation Mask
One of the most exotic masks Scatter has to offer! Trees and plants typically grow where the sun shines, the slope orientation mask will target slopes facing the desired orientation.
Camera Visibility
The Camera Ray-casting mask will distribute particles only in areas visible by one or multiple cameras. It's the most powerful feature to boost your render time for your cg images.
Particle Proximity
With the particle proximity mask, you can add/remove particles near another designated particle system, for example, remove grass and add gravel near trees.
Curve Area Mask
The 2D Curve Area Mask let you avoid particles inside/outside a given bezier-curve non-destructively.
Curve Pathway
With the Bezier pathway mask, you can distribute particles near/away from a given bezier curve and control the radius precisely with the graph falloff
These are only a few features, Scatter has many more functionalities.
You can overview everything on our new website dedicated to documentation.
Scatter is shipped with tons of natural Biomes composed of a multitude of optimized assets! You can create thousands of various combinations. Adding Nature to your scene with only one click is now a granted wish. Cherry on top, all assets shipped with Scatter are compatible with Lodify and are extremely well optimized for cycles (super low memory consumption and cycles friendly shaders). your computer will thank you later! You can Overview every Biome in our catalog

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