by Richard Traynor in Models

I hit the viewport render, and the model looks messy and crazy... Like it has loads of spikes?

This is Usually because you have scaled a mesh and not applied the scale. 

Apply the scale to the object, and this should rectify the problem. If it hasn't; then please go into the node editor, and in the displacement node, lower the amount.

My issue isn't here... What do I do?

I am more than happy to reply to any, and all messages.

Please do not hesitate to send me a message here, and I will reply to you as soon as possible. Please send any screenshots of the issue you are having, and I will try my best to rectify the issue for you

I am having issues using this in EEVEE

I have tested this product in EEVEE's latest build (6th of November) and it worked as it should.

That being said, I cannot pass comment on A) the look of the renders compared to Cycles or B) The level of "realtime" rendering your machine can handle

Can I use this product in my Logo?


As I understand, you may use any image you render, as part of your logo or brand. I personally do not mind what you use this product for, provided you do not violate Blender Markets terms or the terms regarding the image textures and HDRi file.

I'm having problems with the colours?

I designed this shader, using the Filmic colour management system. This shouldn't have any drastic changes on how the overall product looks, but everything has been set up, using that colour format. This may mean that your renders may have 'blow-out' (over exposed areas) or be a little de-saturated.

I cannot see the displacement?

Firstly, please check the version of Blender you are using. This product was built using 2.79x variants and tested in the latest experimental builds of 2.8 only.

If you are on these versions, then you will need to enable the "experimental" option in the render tab (where you select CPU or GPU in the properties menu).

Once you have done this, the displacement will activate. The modifiers should automatically switch to 'adaptive'

I get a CUDA/Open CL error after render builds?

You will need to increase the number of pixel dicing either on the modifier tab of the object(s), or; change the pixel dicing number in the 'Geometry' panel under the properties. You may also need to lower the amount of subdivisions in here too, to a more reasonable number. 

This is not a shader/product defect, this is a hardware limitation of your machine.

Am I limited to personal use with this?


You can use this for whatever you please; Commercial, Educational, or personal use.

The only limitations you have are:

  • Do not make any amendments to the core files, rebrand, and/or sell as your own product/work
  • Do not Redistribute or sell the Textures (including HDRi)
  • Do not redistribute/sell or give away in any format (websites, file sharing platforms, hard copies etc)