True-Terrain 3.0

by Richard Traynor in Models

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  • Valics Lehel 28 days ago

    The product seems promising, but I think the video is not updated to latest blender. Also there is nothing mentioned about the Discord group link in any docs, or I did not found it. Can you please add this link here or send in emails?

    • RJT Productions 1 day ago

      Hi There,
      This has now been updated, and the new tutorials are online using the new UI and Blender 2.8x

      Kind regards,


  • Alexander Graf 3 months ago

    Powerful. Realistic landscape material and water. But: Needs lot of time to understand, to find out. lots of Files in download (what are thexy for?). Missing a simple user manual.

    • RJT Productions 1 day ago

      Hi there, thanks for your comment. I have now updated the addon with many more user-friendly features. I have also created many more tutorials for this now.

      Kind regards,


  • Guido Beutler 5 months ago

    I purchased true terrain beginning of December and just asked blendermarket for a refund.
    There is no installation documentation and the tutorials somehow starts after some magic happened. They also seem to be outdated.
    I've contacted Richard 4 times in one month and haven't heard back anything, except, that he send around an invitation to a discord channel, which is outdated.

    The download consists out of the following files:
    Demo .blend
    True Terrain Help .pdf
    True Grass v1.0 Blender 2.79.blend
    TrueGrass V1.0.Blender2.80.blend
    True Terrain Update-Master
    TrueTerrain How To.docx
    License READ ME.txt

    The pdf and the docx don't explain, what to do with the others. For example, for what is "True Terrain Update-Master"? If you look into it, it somehow contains the same plugins once again but why?
    Probably the plugin is great after you managed to get it running but unfortunately Richard is not willing to support. I'll delete all downloads right after blendermarket processed the refund.

    • RJT Productions 5 months ago

      Hi Guido

      So far 100+ people have managed to join the discord channel on the same link that was sent around.
      I've also just checked, and can only see 2 messages from you. One 22 hours ago and one on the 21st. Unfortunately Christmas is a pretty big deal in my family, so I've spent a lot of time with them, and not spent any time on blender market. Hence why I made the discord channel, because supporting nearly 600 customers through individual emails is near impossible.
      I also have TWO tutorials. The one you have watched which you say "expects some magic to happen" in fact is tutorial 2.

      Tutorial 1:

      Which shows how to install the addon, and the basic functions of each option.

      The master zip, just contains every file and version that true terrain has previously been. Hence the term "update master" because its the master folder, that holds all the previous updates.

      I also think that it's pretty poor of you to say I'm not willing to support, when I've created a YouTube channel for support, try to respond to every email I get on here, and have a discord channel for supporting all my customers.

      Thank you for your unnecessarily low review. Keep the files, and watch yiy tutorial. Maybe getting a free addon is all you wanted, considering the amount of support out there for it, making your review unnecessary

  • Ljubomir Sinozic 6 months ago

    One of the best realistic terrains

  • disconnected 6 months ago

    Great product and support. Keep up the good work. Look forward to procedural textures.

  • UV Animation 8 months ago

    Awesome product. Affordable price and it saves a ton of time in creating nature scenes. I mostly use water shader, my favorite.
    When the new update comes, I want it to be in a separate folder, not just adding them to the current files.
    I was confused a few times which I have downloaded and which I haven’t downloaded. Other than that, this is one of the best products on Blender Market.

  • fxswan 8 months ago

    Used it as a beginner on a Patmos Island made from World Creator 2.... working great and looking forward to tune this for use in scenes in the future... well done...

  • Rob Frydryck 9 months ago

    I was not going to buy True-Terrain until the Developer told me Mid may that he was going to make both a new install doc and usage tutorial for Blneder 2.8. There are many parts and an install would be nice since it seemed to need to be installed in a special order.
    So I bought True-Terrain while I waited for the usage tutorial I asked twice for help getting True-Terrain up and running in 2.8.
    Since my purchase he has ghosted me and never made either of the promised 2.8 tutorials.
    It is now almost 4 months later and not only did not make the tutorials he has not left a replay for my requests

    • RJT Productions 9 months ago

      Hi Rob, I'm really sorry to hear you're upset by this.

      I have just searched through all the emails I've had here, and can see the last we spoke was June, and I did say at the time I will be getting tutorials up for 2.80 and have currently not done this.

      The reason for not having put up a tutorial for 2.80 yet has 3 points really:

      1- the first tutorial video explains what to install, and how to do so. Which is the same in version 2.80 under the user prefs

      2- the rest of the folders and files are not needed to install, they are additional scenes, and assets (rock pack, water shader, grass pack and textures) these aren't installed through the prefs panel. You just need to append the assets from these files.

      3- I've been working hard to rebuild the whole system with a new ui, new features and additional benefits. Which as I've mentioned in communication to you, can take its toll while I work a full time job.

      I am truly sorry that I've made you feel this way. And appreciate that it shouldn't take a review to get my attention, so I will create a new video this weekend and upload it. Again, I can't apologise enough and appreciate that you've had to wait a while. I've had a lot of emails and have honestly just missed yours in the slew of messages.

      I hope you can accept this apology.


  • Bnks 10 months ago

    great addon, but there is no installation guide for those who are new to blender or starting out.

    • RJT Productions 9 months ago

      Hi there,

      Thanks for the review.

      Just to clarify, there is only one file you need to install, and that is "World Generator 2.80zip". No other files need "installing", the other files are a rock pack (Which are appended into your scenes) and a grass pack (also appended into your scenes). The 'Master' File, includes all the assets including the tree pack, the water shader and a demo file for you to see the addon in action.

      The UI for True Terrain automatically builds the materials for your terrain meshes, and has an 'easy mode' set of sliders for quick and easy terrain changes; you would then use the node editor for more in depth changes to the materials.

      I also have 2 tutorial videos on my YouTube channel, 1 embedded into the product page info and the other is visible in my channel.

      I'm sorry if you feel that there is not enough documentation, I will attempt to add more guides to the addon.

  • Matus 11 months ago

    great addon for affordable price :-) and very quick support :-)

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