True-Terrain 3.0

by True-VFX in Models

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  • Alexander Graf about 2 months ago

    Good Addon for fast Landscapes. Impressive materials. The new version improved the usability a lot. Nice. Needs lot of computing power to work with.

  • jChristophe Levet 4 months ago

    Impressive !
    Warning : CUDA only, Optix not supported. Nor Viewport denoising.
    Select GPU Experimental for displacement. And set Dicing Rate Render to 8px.
    So the magic will work.

  • fang 4 months ago

    I don't know why I can't use this plugin.Once the ground is added to the material, the render window starts to slow down and then starts to fade away怂eevee and cycle all like this .

    • RJT Productions 4 months ago

      Hi Fang,

      Did you read the disclaimer in the product description?


      Before you purchase this, you will have noticeable slowdown if you're using the minimum specs for Blender, found HERE. I recommend using their recommended specs, although 8GB of RAM will be enough for more basic scenes.

      Please join the discord channel here to view scene settings on how to optimise using True Terrain around your system specs."

      If you don't meet these requirements, then you will notice slowdown.

      As also advised in the documentation, there are many ways to speed up your viewport. Eevee is not supported, so using either eevee or the material preview option will not work. Please check the render engine used in the product description.

  • pedrowilde 5 months ago

    very cool!

  • tristram2k 5 months ago

    Great world builder. Well thought out and easy to use. If you are serious about creating great environments and need assets easy to build, this addon is a must!

  • james dancy 5 months ago

    I use a GTX 730 Graphics card. Old, I know. Product just crashes! Beware

    • RJT Productions 5 months ago

      Hi James,

      I'm sorry you're unhappy with the product. I'm a bit upset that you didn't contact me before hand about this.

      That being said, your card is 6 years old and has 1gb of video ram. A standard system on windows alone would use close to 50% of this just running a HD monitor and blender open. I don't think it's fair to place such a poor review on a product because your system has trouble rendering 4k textures.

      I'd have been able to help you address rendering issues and give you advice on how to reduce the amount of vram used.

  • Thomas 6 months ago

    Awesome work ! Super promising addon, funny to use, super effective. The interface is easy to appropriate and the documentation precise enough to get started with this tool. Experience will therefore allows you to build some incredible landscapes.

    Moreover, the developper is a fantastic guy ! I had to deal with some problems, complex ones, and these were solved in under 24h. It's easy to communicate thanks to his discord, and there is an entire community ready to share and help.

    Can't wait for the forthcoming features !

  • Robert Wesseling 6 months ago

    This could be a good product but a few things has to be done first.

    a) For PRB in Blender, al we need is a Albdo, Roughness and Normal map. Optionally we can also use displacement and AO map. This addon is using 4K for each map and is using all of them. On top of that there is another 4K map that is useless for in Blender and that is the specularity map. But that is for another workflow. Anyway, 5 times a 4K map for 1 layer of the material is over the top and very heavy. Tip: make this way more efficient. For example: get rid of the specularity map, you don't need it and give a choice to use 2K or 4K.

    b) Past year I did research about plausible albedo values. Around 60% off the textures are off qua albedo value. For example; forest root that look nearly like snow. I contacted the developer 2 months ago, but somehow he doesn't see the importance of it it looks like. How to solve this: Get yourself first a scene with perfect albedo values. That is your reference. Then design materials in it so you know if its off or not. (Subscribe for 1 monts Quixel Megascan for example just to get reliable reference.)

    Again the addon could be good, but as for now I am not using it: It's to heavy and the textures are off.

  • Soguwe 6 months ago

    I bought this a while ago, and though it was astonishingly powerful back then, I didn't end up using it that much, it just didn't get along with my workflow.
    So I was pleasently surprised to see just how much this amazing add-on evolved.
    The new interface is easy to use and delivers gorgeous results, and I'm just barely scratching the surface(Due to time constraints, not documentation. The documentation is remarkable)
    Creating environments has never been that easy.
    I'm really excited to see how this could even be improved further.
    Plus, I had bought it for 20$, and even though that is less than the LITE version and it would be perfectly reasonable and acceptable to just give me access to the LITE after it got tiered into LITE and PRO, I got access to the PRO version.
    Doesn't really add much to the quality of the add-on, but it's notable nontheless.

  • cartoonsong 7 months ago

    So Very Heavy

    • RJT Productions 7 months ago

      Hi there,

      Could you please explain what you mean by this?

      I'm sure if you'd have contacted me for support then there wouldn't be a need for such an ambiguous negative review.

      Kind regards


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