Inserts For Kit Ops

by New Media Supply in Models

Inserts for KIT OPS. 

These inserts are for the Free- as well as the Pro- KIT OPS add-on.  If need, you can find more information about the two versions of KIT OPS here:  KIT OPS Kitbashing.   

About this product "Inserts for KIT OPS": 

The inserts provided here on this page are designed in such a way that you can create a 3D model in Blender as fast as possible and having most control at the same time.  My philosophy is that the more detailed an insert is, the more chance that it is not the insert you are looking for.  Of course this is not always the case, but generally, you need a set of good but basic cutters in your vocabulary.  (Let's say 8 favorite cutters, you can control with ease).  Such cutters are provided here: 

They look so simple and boring, but pretty sure you will use these the most.  Don't worry about the flat look, it's easy to scale in Z (Depth).   

Next set has some variety like decoration, shelves, grids, windows, door, handles, etc. A few have shapekeys, and some have modifiers. 


Next set is the most useful plugs I made for Meshmachine, and ported them over to inserts for KIT OPS.  Pretty cool, mainly knobs, slider, uv-meter, joystick, 3.5mm socket, greebles and switches; 

Update 4 Januari 2019:  In Blender 2.80 I noticed some orphan data messing up the insert.  That has been cleaned up in So the inserts work now in 2.8 properly. 

Update 15 Februari 2020.  Added 24 inserts in the style of Industrial Cyber Inserts.