Hard Surface Modeling In Blender

by Aidy Burrows & Gleb Alexandrov in Training

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  • Dr Tyrell 5 days ago

    This course has changed my entire game. The incredible duo are clearly some of the more direct well explained instructors I've ever had during a self-teaching exercise. There is no messing around, and yet they have a flow that natural to your own capabilities. HIGHLY recommend.

  • Ponte Ryuurui 3 months ago

    The original tutorial was great, and the most recent update to 2.8 is fucking great. Tons of tips, really useful ones as well, great explanations, a no-brainer purchase for any serious hard surface modeller.

  • Gerard 6 months ago

    Had doubts on buying the course since I didn't want to spend my savings BUT BOY IT WAS WORTH IT. This, HOps and Boxcutter helped me boost my skills in a short amount of time. Side

    Here's a break down:

    - Side A is very easy to follow and is very informative in techniques and corrections
    - Side A also give you more insight on the different areas of Hard surface modeling
    - Side B is quite difficult to follow but it's a lot of fun

    So in short, no regrets

  • delazouch 7 months ago

    Well, the guide, Beginner to Expert, WOW.... the support out of this world. if you think to know blender very well some things in here will remind you of things you have forgotten, I tried this in #blender2.8 and it worked (must have pie menus running) this will be and should be a classic corse over time as it will work for the next 10+ years.

    Cany wait for the next course these two put together. thanks

  • Gustav Nilsson 8 months ago

    A very good course that explains the different techniques available when doing hard surface modelling in Blender. There is only one thing that stops this from being a 5-star course in my opinion; in the Side B-part, I think the instructors a bit too often just tell the viewer what they are doing, instead of motivating why they are doing it. This means that a lot of the narration doesn't add to the learning, since they just state what is already visible by the actions in the video.

  • Matias Corteze 8 months ago

    This course exceeded my expectations. Brilliantly explained and concise, super useful for any Blenderer. Thanks guys!

  • Brandon 10 months ago

    Excellent! If you are on a mac you have to install vlc or the videos play with no audio.

  • Mohashi 11 months ago

    I have worked in 3d since 4 years now , the course is giving me the guts and skills to do whatever I want .

    Great , Thanks to Gleb and Aidy truly

  • Jeannot Landry 11 months ago

    By far the best blender course I've ever watched (still watching not finished)! Everything is very well explained, clear, very polished and super duper professional! I am basically drooling while watching it and absorbing all the amazing information like a sponge! This is the best example of what a greater then great blender course should be! I am simply amazed at the time devoted to your tutoring techniques, bravo! I've been doing 3D as a Character artist for over 18 years and my weakness have always been hard surface! That is now about to change thanks to you both Aidy & Gleb! I am rarely impressed, but on this one I am really impressed! Bravo! Respect!

  • Merzaud about 1 year ago

    If u wanna get into modeling in blender this is the way to go-pro🙏🏻

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