Hard Surface Modeling In Blender

by Aidy Burrows & Gleb Alexandrov in Training

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  • Petr over 1 year ago

    Thx for VERY useful tutorial!

  • Lionel Alvergnas over 1 year ago

    It's really an amazing course!!! Just with the "face A" I learned lots of very practical tips!
    By far one of the better tuto I've never seen!

  • Allan Saunders over 1 year ago

    excellent tutorials I really like to see start to finish projects

  • graemeallan over 1 year ago

    Well-thought out course, expertly presented.

  • Malek Mahadeen over 1 year ago

    i am using blender for 2 years and i thought i got enough knowledge about modeling
    tbh i was shocked in the Content its really good and Contain a lots powerful information
    thanks for this great curse i am thinking now to buy the old curse about Space VFX Elements
    But i am bit scared of the Content and i am not sure if my pc can handle it any way just want it to say thanks for this curse

  • Kit MacAllister over 1 year ago

    Absolutely worth every penny. I have already learned a dozen or more techniques that have improved and sped up my workflow and vastly increased the quality of my topology.

  • Davide over 1 year ago

    I just started, but I can already says that the quality of the teaching is Incredible! I'm deeply impressed on how much value has been put inside this course.

    Be aware though: it's not for the faint of heart. If you're a total beginner like me the content is incredibly packed with so much information and knowledge that your head will feel like it's exploding! It took me more than one hour just to go through the FIRST video (that is just 18 mins long). Be ready to take notes, LOTS of notes. The amount of keyboard shortcuts used is incredible and will overwhelm you for sure, so better writing things down and revisit them periodically to be able to recall them when needed.

    Watching, taking notes, re-watching and repeating on your own means that, if you're like me, each minute of video will cost you AT LEAT 5 minutes of your "real" time, and that means this course will feel to you (I'm looking at you "n00bie", that is, me) like a 60+ hours course; probably much more if you consider that you'll have to periodically revisit a few videos or just your notes at least until you commit the huge amount of information to memory (I guess that will take some time).

    It's totally worth it and I'm totally in love with this content; I'm sure the hard work you HAVE to put in on your part will be repaid with the tremendous amount of knowledge and expert tips you'll grab along the way. Highly recommended!

  • Caz Atkinson over 1 year ago

    I learned more in the first hour of watching this course than in 5 years of free youtube tutorials. I soon came to realise that my existing "workflow" was simply a collection of bodges and work-arounds to make up for my lack of knowledge of the basics of modelling and topology! Worth every penny.

  • Victor Duarte over 1 year ago

    Great work from Gleb and Aidy! The workflow for hardsurface modeling shown here is GOLD!

  • zeto88 over 1 year ago

    Almost finished side A. It's awesome so far! Thank you guys :)

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