Concept Styled Sports Car

by in Models

File is immediately there after you unzip it. The textures used are in the blend file set and ready as this model was set to relative path and the textures were all packed within the blend file. The needed parts are all uv unwrapped,tyres,centre screen,grills and speedometer. The model has parts which can look better smoothed by a level 1 subsurf, by default these parts have a subsurf modifier on but, are set to zero,these parts are fine as they are but if you are looking for a higher poly level smoothness just raising their level to 1 is enough for this. All parts are separated and named conveniently so for example, left door is separate from the right door and it's components.The doors are modeled with door hinges separate from the doors which can be bought in and out but, this will need to be done yourself through animation or simply bringing it out with the grab button.I have centered both left and right hinges at a decent position good for rotating for open door shots. The opening glove box also opens but is done manually revealing nice inner space.I will upload new wheel designs i the future when I can which will have more detail and different designs over time so look out for those.