Concept Styled Sports Car

by in Models

A self designed concept styled sports car with a decent mid level detailed interior and exterior. This model can look nice from close up and far away. All the shaders and textures are included. All the textured parts are Uv unwrapped, the speedometer, center screen, tires and external air con intake grills. I have separated and named all the parts nicely and conveniently. The poly counts mentioned on the side refers to the default model and the renders are taken with subsurf lvl 1 active please note. By default the model isn't with any modifiers on but the parts that essentially would look better and smoother with subsurf lvl 1 on have the subsurf mod on, but set to zero for better download speed.

The cars doors are designed to open upwards as seen in the images above and also with door hinges which can be bought out and rotated with the door note, the car isn't rigged but I have taken shots after manually putting the door and hinge in that position,easily done as the center points have been set to both parts for a good opening effect. The glove box is also open-able with minor detail hinges on it's double opening lids.