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Documentation describing the function of each user interactable tab


  • In your Blender workspace click on edit -> preferences
  • Navigate to 'addons'
  • On the top right, click 'install'
  • Navigate to the file and click install
  • Enable the addon by ticking the addon box

Addon menu

Color space select - The topmost tab lets you select between Blender default and ACES Color space, Depending upon your choice, the specific color space options will change to Default and ACES options

Color, Non-Color, Custom 1, Custom 2 - These options let you set the colorspace you want to the tags set in the preferences, e.g. You have set the tags for base color to be "Albedo base color", and you have set your colorspace for base color to sRGB then if an image in your material contains any of the tag, it will change its colorspace to sRGB
Edit tags : This button will lead you to the addon preference menu

Preferences menu

Tags : Tags are identifiers that are used to detect the image and set the colorspace accordingly, remember that each tag should be lowercase and multiple tags be separated by space(no need to use the comma ',')


Ctrl+Shift+Y will execute the addon function

The shortcut can be managed in the preferences

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