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Introducing Colorspacer, the intuitive Blender addon that revolutionizes the tedious task of assigning colorspace to image textures. With just one click, you can effortlessly assign the perfect colorspace to all your textures based on customizable tags.

Colorspacer supports ACES, AgxBlender native colorspace and Possibly any custom configuration





v 2.0 : This version brings the long awaited Node based engine to the addon
  • Added Node based engine to colorspacer
  • This method ignores the names of the images in textures and assigns colorspace based on the input socket that the texture is connected to
  • Currently only three nodes are supported: 
    Principled BSDF, Normal map, Bump
  • Sockets : 
    Principled BSDF: Base color, Emission (Color) | Metallic, Roughness, Specular (Non Color)
    Normal Map: Color (Non Color)
    Bump; Height (Non Color)

v 1.1.0 : This version brings Custom colorspace support to the addon

    • Added custom color space menu to the list, expected to support any further misc. use cases


    v 1.0.0 : This version brings Agx support to the addon
    • Colorspacer now supports Agx

    v 0.1.2 : This version brings small quality of life changes to the addon
    • An option to change the addon shortcut has been added to the Preferences menu
    • Filmic Log has been added in the Color section of 'Default Blender' menu
    • The addon will now display "Color spaces fixed" on execution in the info panel 



    So, why Colorspacer?

    Assigning colorspace to each individual texture is tedious, You have to browse every material and click on every texture node and repeat this for every material
    This is specially bothersome if you're using a different colorspace with blender eg: ACES or TCAM. Another issue is importing blender files with textures and finding colorspaces non-assigned or just switching the projects between normal and blender with different colorspace

    It just eats up your time and limits your options, Making people quit before realizing the full potential of ACES or AgX  or TCAM
    Faced with the same situation, I decided to make Colorspacer

    Is it very complicated?

    The best part? Using Colorspacer is a breeze. Simply setyour tags in the Blender preferences, choose your desired colorspace in theN-Panel menu, and click the magic button to see your textures set perfectly.

    step by step:

    1. First, you have to set the tags in Blender preferences, Use lowercase words separated by space for tags
    2. In your N-Panel menu, choose the colorspace that you are using (Currently Blender native and ACES)
    3. Set the image colorspace for all the four tag options that you want the images to be
    4. Click the Magic button and Voila!

    You can also press Ctrl+Shift+Y to execute the addon

    Editing Tags

    One click setting color spaces

    How does it work and Future plans?

    In the current version(1.0), Colorspacer works based on image names

    But that's not all. Future versions of Colorspacer are planned to include support for even more colorspaces(Supports all major colorspaces available for blender), the ability to assign colorspace to only selected objects, and the option to assign colorspace based on the texture node it is connected to and more quality of life changes.

    So why wait? Try Colorspacer today and experience the magic of effortless colorspace assignment. And if you're unable to support the addon financially at this time, you can download it for free from Github. If you find it useful, consider supporting the development of this amazing addon in the future 😄

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