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  • thegreattank almost 2 years ago

    Excellent product ! Works really well with HardOPS.
    Worth every pennies.

  • hoxolotl about 2 years ago

    A little hard to install, but once it runs the results are quite nice.

    • MACHIN3 about 2 years ago

      Thanks for the review and rating! Much appreciated! The reason for the unusual installation process is the image processing DECALmachine does for Decal Creation and Export. The requires an external python library - PIL - , and can't be done via blender or the supplied library.

  • DCT9000 over 2 years ago

    Got to agree with teralink, feels like cheating. Beautiful results quick and easy.

  • João Santos over 2 years ago

    Super usefull add-on, a must have!

  • korindian77 over 2 years ago

    I switched to Blender because of this addon. I was looking for a tool to help with a mesh decal workflow when I first saw DECALMachine, and have been following its progress since its first release. The developer has been constantly adding new features and supporting it well. DECALMachine has everything that I need to complete the workflow, including atlasing and appropriate shaders for game engines. Really really well done, with comprehensive docs and videos. Thanks for creating this addon.

    • MACHIN3 over 2 years ago

      Thanks, I appreciate that a lot!

  • Monte Drebenstedt almost 3 years ago

    Great Tool

  • teralink almost 3 years ago

    This makes hard surface modelling so easy! Feels a bit like cheating ;)

  • tofmusik94 about 3 years ago

    Very Great Work !! Thanks

  • patrick pomian about 3 years ago

    une tuerie, un truc de dingue, fabuleux ! bravo

  • Georjack about 3 years ago

    It's an amazing tool!

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