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  • Dr Tyrell 18 days ago

    This is a great product and I was able to use it a professional capacity with a day of purchasing it. I did find some hiccups with trying to place decals over edges. Not sure if this is a Blender thing or an addon thing. Regardless, the ease of adding planes with textures is really handy. Even for the decals that didn't fix to the surface, I was able to hover them over and the final renders didn't notice. Thank you for this addon.

    • MACHIN3 18 days ago

      I would have preferred it it you had reached out to be to resolve any problem you had. Even though adding an object with face snapping on top of an edge, does not seem to be the addons fault, I probably could have given some advice.

  • abdoubouam 23 days ago

    This opens up a new kind of workflow that is simply not possible in blender alone. A must for anyone who's interested in hard-surface modelling!

    • MACHIN3 21 days ago

      Thank you!

  • bysot about 2 months ago

    I used it well before today. I suddenly pressed the D key and an error occurred. Is it related to updating the win system?

    • MACHIN3 about 2 months ago

      This is not the way to get support, see

  • Ben Prigg 5 months ago

    Just incredible. I can whip up something in Photoshop and have it perfectly applied to my model in less than 30 seconds. I've barely scratched the surface of this addon and I already love it! If you do purchase this, also download MACHIN3tools (free). With Alt+Shift+X it mirrors decals perfectly, its a necessity for this IMO.

    My one complaint is that most of the documentation is video based. While the videos are great and have everything you need to know, it's a bit more difficult to trouble shoot/track down specific information since a lot of info is only contained in the videos.

  • Fabio 5 months ago

    This plugin is a must, just buy and start your sci-fi decals journey!

  • Juho Hyv√∂nen 7 months ago

    MACHIN3, thank you for this great addon!

    • MACHIN3 6 months ago


  • Marc Quentel 7 months ago

    The addon is awesome... but the text docuemntation is quite short, and you cant fully use, and in fact, not really use Decal just with it. You need to watch the YouTube channel, and it's not so great.

    • MACHIN3 7 months ago

      How is the documentation not great? I literally go over every single tool and explain things in detail.

  • Boris 7 months ago

    DecalMachine is excellent ! I m so eager for v2.0 to get released :D

  • Ponte Ryuurui 9 months ago

    Super easy and fun to use, tons of options, and more are coming (emission shader, woot!!!), I am in love.

  • Andy 9 months ago

    When you watch the video demo on the store page...

    Unless you are an "all things Blender aficionado," as I am not. (Just a hobbyist here)

    You will probably think.

    "Yeah okay, I find it hard to believe that its going to be as good as it looks on the video, or as easy."

    I can honestly say this Decal Machine is so incredible, its almost beyond belief.
    Both in its ease of use, and decal creation.
    To the amazing results you will achieve in a few minutes.

    IMHO, It should be in every Blender users library. From Dev, to dabbler.
    If you dont already own it, seriously get it now.
    This is one of those assets you will not ever regret buying.

    Oh, and its wicked fun creating your own decals.

    Thank you, and Kudos to the dev.

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