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  • Ponte Ryuurui about 1 month ago

    Super easy and fun to use, tons of options, and more are coming (emission shader, woot!!!), I am in love.

  • Andy about 1 month ago

    When you watch the video demo on the store page...

    Unless you are an "all things Blender aficionado," as I am not. (Just a hobbyist here)

    You will probably think.

    "Yeah okay, I find it hard to believe that its going to be as good as it looks on the video, or as easy."

    I can honestly say this Decal Machine is so incredible, its almost beyond belief.
    Both in its ease of use, and decal creation.
    To the amazing results you will achieve in a few minutes.

    IMHO, It should be in every Blender users library. From Dev, to dabbler.
    If you dont already own it, seriously get it now.
    This is one of those assets you will not ever regret buying.

    Oh, and its wicked fun creating your own decals.

    Thank you, and Kudos to the dev.

  • chocoice about 2 months ago

    hardops.boxcutter are valuable because they are updated frequently

    • MACHIN3 about 2 months ago

      This is DECALmachine though. Also update frequently:

  • Kenji Aito 3 months ago

    Amazing tool... every updates brings more and more... One of the best Blender addon in my opinion. And the documentation is complete !!!

    • MACHIN3 3 months ago

      Thank you Kenji!

  • Jake Perl 5 months ago

    So easy to add tons of great-looking detail inexpensively (in rendering terms)...interface well-designed and smooth!

    • MACHIN3 5 months ago

      Happy to hear that Jake, thanks!

  • Saunier 8 months ago

    Great addon. Impressive work, documentation and support. Perfectly worth its ridiculous price.

    • MACHIN3 5 months ago


  • Piotr Pabijan 8 months ago

    Now I can't imagine hard surface modelling without MECHmachine and DECALmachine so don't hesistate even one moment and buy both of them! They are both great! P.S. Thanks for the 2.8 versions!

    • MACHIN3 5 months ago

      You are welcome Piotr, and thank you too!

  • gary barringer 9 months ago

    Very very very cool! Awesome program and great documentation!

  • Christian Skjutare 9 months ago

    Superb addon, a absolute time and effort saver. As with most addons it does what you yourself could have done but so so much faster Most addons will speed up your workflow with doubble our tripple speed, this one however makes even komplex things at least ten times faster. The basic decals alone lets you make consepts and siple design tryouts in just mere minuits. And if you (like me) is a perfectionist that just MUST have your own designs, then creating new ones is so simple and fast it feels like cheating.

    Can highley recommend.

    • MACHIN3 9 months ago

      Much appreciated Christian, thanks!

  • Dorian Borremans 10 months ago

    This is so good it should be in blender by default for everyone to enjoy ! dont hesitate one second and buy this sh*t !

    • MACHIN3 10 months ago

      Thanks :)

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