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  • Andreas Queitsch 9 days ago

    I am still pretty new in the usage with Blender, but this addon is very easy and fun to use and can improve your work a lot, both in time spend and overall design.

  • Sergiy 18 days ago

    One of the most used addon.
    quality: 5
    support: 5
    documentation: 4(in general good, but not perfect, but it is more than enough for 50$ product)
    Overall - 5 starts!

    • MACHIN3 18 days ago

      What's lacking in regards to the docs?

  • Sascha 20 days ago

    3 Stars and the following may sound a bit negative. So before you read I will let you know that I'm a fan of this addon and I'm happy to have it. Nor I wanna bother the dev or anyone else. But at this time/version it's not for me in manner of creating game assets for Unity URP. I write this for (poor) people/students/hoppyists which are in the same boat and struggeling around to buy or not especially while it's one of the more expensive ones.

    1. Material Match:
    Well it's not working rly flawless. So if you put a decal especially on a procedural texture it will match the underlieng color but not the texture itself. After a while I figured out theres an addon can handle this called "INSTAMAT". But I dont wanna buy another add to fix a lack of the addon itself where I expected it from. The workaround is to fiddle around within the texture editor with the decal material and the underlying material. Thats to inconvenient for me.

    2. I couldn't figure out an easy way to bake down the decals with underlying procedural/other textures. It would be greate to have "1-click"/easy workflow to bake down your high poly with plastered decals to the low ploy cage. The best solution I could find is an 3 year old tutorial video which is declined as "outdated". So the workaround is to create your decal trims sheets/atlasses and bake a combination with the base model maps. So you have to do it for all maps you wanna use. This is quite time intense and error-prone. This belongs in most to the (old) regualr baking steps to use with Unity URP. Anywhere I saw that there is a solution for HDRP and Unreal Engine but I can't tell anything about it now.

    Maybe I'm wrong and I oversaw something or I'm just to stupid but I invested a lot time to watch the vids. But even then theres no easy straight forward tutorial to come across to my points above. If theres someone who can teach me how todo it fast, easy and right, let me know. I will instantly ensure to refine this rating.

    So why do I buy addons... in first they should be time saver for me. If I have to struggle around with em. It makes not that much sense for me except they are time saver later ;). Second I can do things with em I can not without or only with big circumstances

    5 Stars from me as from all others!
    So, what is it good for and do I regret the bought?
    It's a big time saver if you go for conceptiual design or prototyping or to figure things out and inspire yourself.
    Its even good for visualisations and fast renders. As far as is for narmal map based viz. (beware of the cons of normal, diffuse, paralx, etc. -maps, cause decals are in general exactly that)
    The included decals are a bit to few. So I can recommend to buy additional packs or build your own to play out it's real potential.
    So if you are just interessted in these points go for it.
    Over all I do not use it that much cause I wanted to create fast game assets with it. But all in all I like it so much to just plaster your cube with decals. And yeah it looks rly greate. And as I said it can give you a new view of things you normally do. For this I do not regret the bought on a Black Friday for 38 bucks but 50? Hmm atm. I guess for me not compared to other plugs/tools. I mean blender itself cost nothin which is so greate and give you so much. And there are also a lot other ways to craete decals or Kitbashing things. Therefor I think before going for addons blender itself is worth a good donation (Even if they get pushed now by the big players. Hopefolly they can not break their mental).

    I'm a bit sad about that I mailed this to MACHIN3 for about 4 weeks and didn't got a response until now. But it's ok for me... better he will invest his time on the next release and I may get something I was expecting for. ;)

    No harm ment :)

    • MACHIN3 20 days ago

      1. I have never received an email from you.
      2. If you are using Unity URP, Decals are not for you, because you are missing out on the material blending capabilities provided by deferred rendering. The docs are very clear on that and it is recommended to use trim sheets in that case, see

  • Yousef 3 months ago

    Hey man, I love you very much for this add-on especially the 2.0 THANK YOU for saving me the time of my life!!!

  • David Sedl├ík 4 months ago

    Great addon, great documentation and just keeps on geting better with every update. Very useful for midpoly approach in game design.

  • Prabhjot Singh Lamba 4 months ago

    I use DECALmachine in all my projects! It's genius and one my favorite addons, must have and saves sooo much time \m/

  • Brent Stephenson 4 months ago

    I had to hop in and say that it really seems like MACHIN3 has thought of just about everything. I just purchased a decal pack that hasn't been updated to 2.0 yet so when I got an error I was pretty bummed, but after a quick little Google search I found documentation and a narrated video on the docs page that walked me through the process of updating the decal pack directly from Blender. It was quick, easy and worked like a charm. The fact that there are tools built in and readily available documentation is fantastic and makes me even happier that I bought Decal Machine!

    • MACHIN3 4 months ago

      Thank you Brent, happy to hear that. Note that the docs have a search function too, no need to check google, see

      Furthermore to clarify, what you have seen was not an error, but a popup telling you that old decal libraries need to be updated.

  • Mark Lowe 5 months ago

    This is a great product and I was able to use it a professional capacity with a day of purchasing it. I did find some hiccups with trying to place decals over edges. Not sure if this is a Blender thing or an addon thing. Regardless, the ease of adding planes with textures is really handy. Even for the decals that didn't fix to the surface, I was able to hover them over and the final renders didn't notice. Thank you for this addon.

    • MACHIN3 5 months ago

      I would have preferred it it you had reached out to be to resolve any problem you had. Even though adding an object with face snapping on top of an edge, does not seem to be the addons fault, I probably could have given some advice.

  • abdoubouam 5 months ago

    This opens up a new kind of workflow that is simply not possible in blender alone. A must for anyone who's interested in hard-surface modelling!

    • MACHIN3 5 months ago

      Thank you!

  • bysot 6 months ago

    I used it well before today. I suddenly pressed the D key and an error occurred. Is it related to updating the win system?

    • MACHIN3 6 months ago

      This is not the way to get support, see

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