Tropical Plants

by Pawitra Studio in Models

TROPICAL PLANTS - low poly with simple animations This Tropical Plants small collections was made made for “Dedication Life” Animation, this plants was taken from other product which not include the environment model, see Temple of Sukuh , you can see the original animation here and the director preference here Here is some feature that you get  :

  • The plants
    • Colocasia Esculenta ( 3 model )
    • Bambusa Vulgaris ( 3 model )
    • Livistona ( 3 model )
    • Shrubs ( 1 model )
  • High resolution textures
  • Simple Animation
  • Low poly object
  • Light Setup
  • Composition Setup

Please also read the Documentation for technical explanation.

How To Use The File :

  1. Extract the "" to the file location you want
  2. Open blend file that you want.
  3. Turn off  "Only Render" on Properties Panel ( N ) under Display tab
  4. Layer 1-3 contains Actual Objects the last layer contains Lights and Camera
  5. Please check Outliner for object list
  6. If you have problem with missing textures, go to File/External Data/Find Missing Files and choose textures directory from the extract folder
  7. Folder structure is pretty straight forward.

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