Sky Environment Shader V.2

by Creative Skipper in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Sky environment shader v.2

Finely, reworked Sky Environment shader now support Blender 2.8 Eevee engine!

Pack include the both versions: v.2 & older v.1 Some features is different (for example method of coloring sky & nodes setup).

Node based environment shader for Cycles & Eevee render.

One shader allow get many various of sky surfaces & create transition between day & night, between sunny & rainy day.

It can be useful for natural scenes or cartoon. You can get different types & results of sky surfaces, stars & weather mood transitions. Aslo you can create timelaps sky background. 

Other function - use ready rendered background & sky environment fo quick day/night transition(in Sky Environment shader v.1 Cycles render) 

Fell free!


  • Fully procedural

  • Create custom Sky surfaces

  • Item include color presets for sky colors

  • Use special socket for addition rendered background (Sky shader v.1 Cycles render)

  • Quick transition: day/night & weather mood

  • Fully costomisable

  • Any scale, give clarity & clear result (zoom 100%-200% - no matter :)

  • А variety of results

Аpplication area:

  • timelaps sky

  • nature scenes

  • сartoon

  • animation & VFX