Sharp Rock Formations

by Pawitra Studio in Models

Sharp Rock Formations

Simple rocky formations that can be used for your game, animation or anything that suit to your projects. All models use blend box mapping to generate texture coordinates. You can easily plug another textures to the provided slot on shader node.

5 forms, 1 master model

This product contains five different form of the rock with one master model to make any rock formation you want.

What is include ?

  • 5 rocks formations ( Blend )
  • 1 master rock model ( Blend )
  • High Resolution Textures
  • Manual Documentation with Mini Tutorials on how to make other formations
  • Light Setup

How to Use The Models ?

  1. Extract the "" to the file location you want
  2. Open "sharp_rock_formations.blend"
  3. Turn off  "Only Render" on Properties Panel ( N ) under Display tab
  4. Top Layer for High Poly, Bottom Layer for Low Poly
  5. Please see Manual Documentation to make another formation
  6. If you have problem with missing textures, go to File/External Data/Find Missing Files and choose textures directory from the extract folder
  7. Folder structure is pretty straight forward.


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