Saturn V Launch Vehicle With Apollo Spacecraft And Launch Tower

by stephendowdy in Models

Detailed model of the Saturn V launch vehicle and Apollo lunar spacecraft including launch tower.

Geometry and Rigging

The model is divided into separate objects for each component of the vehicle:

- Saturn V First Stage (S-IC)

     5 x F1 Engine

    Inter-stage Ring

- Saturn V Second Stage (S-II)

    5 x J2 Engine

- Saturn V Third Stage (S-IVB)

    1 x J2 Engine

    4 x Side Panels

- Apollo Service Module

    High Gain Antenna

    Command Module clamp

- Apollo Command Module

    Launch Escape System

    Docking Probe

- Apollo Lunar Module Descent Stage

    4 x Landing Gear (with rigged controller)

- Apollo Lunar Module Ascent Stage

- Launch Tower

    Access Arm

    Service Arms


    Tower Base

        Tail Service Masts with animated arms

The total poly count is 419,889 faces (473,584 vertices) - see the preview video for a detailled breakdown of the poly count for each component.

Materials and Textures

The model comes 12 PBR materials with a total of 60 textures - a colour, metallic, specular, roughness and normal map for each component:

- First Stage (including Inter-Stage Ring ) - 4k

- F1 Engine - 2k

- Second Stage - 4k

- J2 Engine - 2k

- Third Stage (including side panels) - 4k

- Service Module (including High Gain Antenna and CM clamp) - 4k

- Command Module (including LES and Docking Probe) - 4k

- Lunar Module descent stage (including Landing Gear) - 4k

- Lunar Module ascent stage - 4k

- Tower - 4k

- Tower Arms (Service Arms, Access Arm and Crane) - 4k

- Tower Base (including Tail Service Masts and Tail Service Arms) - 4k

Note: Materials were created for Blender/Cycles but should import correctly into any other render engine, texture maps are logically named so should be easy to connect if they don't import automatically.

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Published 10 months ago
Software Version 2.9
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