Pureglass (Eevee)

by 3DVision in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Pure Glass is a high quality procedural shader designed for (EEVEE), it generates a glass type material, perfect for architectural projects, it also generates materials to simulate water bubbles with random colors."Pure Glass" is effective for indoor and outdoor scènes. 

Operating system: This product is developed only for Windows users.
Minimum Performance: I7 3Ghz/ 6GB/ GTX 1050 4GB/ Windows 10.
(No refunds will be given for users ignoring this warning, thank you for your understanding).

Ready for:

  • Architecture: Glass window, Table, Bottle, Water simulation etc...
  • Other: Water bubble, with automatic and random color animation.

To use Pure glass in your projects, simply use the "append" function and import the shader into your scene.

Update 1.2 now available!