Polished Concrete for architectural Visualisation

by pixelpoems.de in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Polished Concrete for architectural Visualisation

This is a polished Concrete Shader, a modern Material used for architectural renderings. Shiny, yet fine structured Concrete with a decent Gloss finish, for the use of Floors in modern Houses,especially for lager Halls or modern Sculptures. The are two Textures included, Diffuse and Specularity, both 8192x8192 in Size and of jpg Filetype. This Shader is taken from my architectural Shader Pack Vol.2 - Check this one if you need more high Quality Shaders.

Webdocumentation_1   Webdocumentation_2   For Inserting a Material into your Scene simply Choose "File --> Append"" Then Choose the given Shader Pack Blend File. Then Choose your Material. Please note that some Shaders need an UV Unwrapped Model (See Blender Wiki for more Information).

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