Plants - Ground Cover - Hand Painted

by Neil Richards - Zephusees in Models

Plant ground cover for your projects and visualizations. 

Great for architecture, animation, games, level design or concept art.

Nine hand painted textures on one 4k texture that can be down-scaled to improve performance if working in games. 

Can be exported to any game engine or used in blender to add visual interest to your ground areas, props and buildings. The plants themselves are invented versions of common European plant shapes. 

Created for their variation in color and leaf shape. 

Versions for both 2.7 and 2.8 - These plants are low poly and can be subdivided and edited to increase curvature and give smoother normals for cycles rendering, but this is not necessary. 

Plants range from 60-120 triangles per plant. There are nine original plants, with two versions of each type and an origin template to create new ones for yourself.

Files for both Blender 2.79 and Blender 2.8

Additional 4K PNG of the plants will be included in the download.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about this product or future updates/new products.

[email protected]

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