Office Pack - Stationery

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Collection of office supplies for adding details to archviz scenes


A big deal in photorealism lies in the number of details added to a scene: even the most realistic will benefit from a number of small items scattered across the scene, because everyday supplies send a clear message to the eye - "There are people in this area, busy with their daily activities" -

But in the archviz field there are time constraints which get shorter by the day, making it difficult -if not impossible- to model each time all of the required details. That's why having pre-made packs of everyday items will speed up your workflow and step up the quality of your work

Having worked in the archviz industry for years, I decided to make a series of pre-made models and materials and make it available for sale on Blender Market


The Office Pack is a collection of 20 stationery (and more will be added at no charge) that can complement not only an office interior, but any "busy" room in a building, be it a facility, factory, studio, or apartment

Each model is real-world accurate in scale with exact measurements and each object has been conveniently named with descriptive (English) names. Multi mesh objects have been grouped and parented to an empty for easier manipulation

Every detail has been modeled, not only the visible ones:  under the cap, a ballpen has the inkholder, the nib and the sphere; same for highlighter, fountain pen, gluestick etc...


Combining both the principled shader and the custom node setup, brings the best possible quality for realistic renderings

Dielectric materials use the principled shader, tweaked to match the corresponding physical properties; Non-dielectric use a complex node setup to reproduce light physics on conductive surfaces (metal materials also available heresince the principled BSDF cannot handle IOR curves

Royalty-free textures are being provided with each material using non-procedural images, while procedural textures are set so to have easy access to their parameters

In addition, there are two "random colour" materials for sticky note and drawing pin heads, so to have the necessary variation without long tedious manual input (you can of course copy the node setup and use it for your materials :) )


Now, one of the most overlooked aspects of modeling is topology. While for still images it is not mandatory to have absolutely correct topology, it can be a problem when doing animations or low poly subdivisions. Having a clean, correct, flow of face distribution is Always a nice addition and can make life easier when doing videos or exporting the meshes to game engines such as Unity or Unreal. Each model in the collection is made only of quads or tris for cylinder caps

No matter what light setup you use, or how close the camera is to the models, they will Always look realistic; night or day, close ups or long shots… Having physically based shaders and correct topology means you don't have to worry about getting settings right for every scene


Sales 20+
Dev Fund Contributor
Published almost 5 years ago
Blender Version 2.78, 2.79
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Royalty Free
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