Mgf Tools

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MGF Tools is a collection of necessary tools for optimize the workflow of making 3d game asset models.
Right now, this addon consists 5 main parts:

1. Display Overlay: Quickly selection of display modes in 3D Viewport.

        2. Object display: Quickly change the display of selected objects.

          3. Objects: Quickly edit the properties of objects.

          • Rename.
          • Select by type.
          • Apply transform.
          • Quick origin: Change your objects’ origins with one click (bottom, center, head).

                • Custom origin: There’re 27 ways you can combine and set origin.

                  • Shading: Flip normal; Autosmooth; Mark Sharp; Clear Sharp.

                      • Materials: Remove (remove unused materials); Display; Rename.

                        • Set location.

                          • Parent: Set Parent and Clear Parent.

                          4. UV: Quickly UV unwarp and scale, rotate.

                            • Rename UV.

                              • Auto unwarp: 3 auto unwrap modes: Cube projection; HardSurface; Light map.

                              • More UV layers.
                              • Remove all inactive UV slots.
                              • UV Scale: Changing UV scale without having to open up another window.
                              • UV rotation: Quickly rotate the uv by 90 degrees one per click.

                                  5. Optimize: Quickly optimize scene and customize modifiers.

                                      • Purge All.

                                        • Quick decimate: Automatically add decimate modifier to selected objects.

                                          • Modifiers Edit: Tweak all modifiers for objects like render , viewports or even apply.

                                            • Modifier Specific: edit modifiers manually.

                                              • Limit texture size: quick resize all textures down to the limit value you choose.

                                              6. Import Export: Quickly import and export files

                                                • Import Multiple Files.

                                                  • Quick Export.

                                                    • Export Multiple Files.


                                                    Make sure to uninstall the current addon before installing the new one and restart blender.

                                                    Ver 1.0.1 (16/12/2021):

                                                    • Quick Origin and Custom Origin: now works with all selected objects.
                                                    • Remove All Inactive UV Slots: only works with selected objects instead of all the objects in blend file.
                                                    • Export & Import: bug fixes and improvements.

                                                                                       - File path: some cases does not work.

                                                                                       - Export Multiple File: only export the selected object instead of all the objects in blend file.

                                                    Ver 1.0.2 (18/12/2021):

                                                    • Improve UI and popup windowns.
                                                    • Optimize: Add new feature: Limit texture size: quick resize all textures down to the limit value you choose (except OPEN_EXR and HDR format). Remember to save the file.

                                                    More information and guides are included inside the documents and tutorial on youtube.

                                                    If you got any feedback please leave a message.

                                                    Happy blending !!!

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                                                    Published 8 months ago
                                                    Software Version 2.83, 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93
                                                    License GPL
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