Katherine - The Vampire

by Joao Lacerda in Models

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  • Forrest over 1 year ago

    Hey, it's a great model. Some of the rig controls don't work. The Face controls and other extra controls don't work, also I can't get the arms to switch to IK control, am I doing something wrong?

    • João Lacerda over 1 year ago

      Oh you're right! There is a tool missing! I'll upload a new version now with the "rig tools" Please simply download it again, install the addon 'rig tools' inside the folder "Rig_Tools_Blender_2.79" and the snapping IK/FK should work properly. For the facial features, I was having trouble with it so I decided not to finish it for now, but I am preparing another update soon that will have it fixed ;)

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