Image Batch Automation

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Download the zip file
Select: Edit → Preferences  → Add-ons → Install
Select the dowloaded zip file
Check the enable check box to the left of the add-on you just installed.


Installing an updated version of Rigged systems

If you want to replace a previous version of the addon you have to remove the old version first. To do this, go to Edit → Preferences  → Add-ons → Install and either search the addon or go to the ‘VIEW 3D, Misc’ category where it will be located. Click on the add-on and then on the ‘Remove’ button. After removing the old version follow the instructions above to install the new version.

Name of collections and the camera in the .blend file

In order to get the addon to work, there need to be an active camera in a collection called "Camera" There also need to be a collection called "Ligths". If not the addon will not work.
In the camera collection there need to be a camera. The angle of this camera is the main angle that alla the photos wil be taken from. If you need another angle change the camera in this collection. In the Lights collections it is possible to add and store addtional lights to be used during rendering.

Preset ligthning

The best way to light the preset scene is to use a HDRI envirement in the Blender file. One is provided in the zipfile that can be used.

This is how the Material text file must look like:
That holds the information about the materials.


First the name of the object and then its material. "," is used to keep them apart. 

Blend file with material:

Make sure that the Blend file with material has the material set to "fake user". Oterwise it may not be saved inside the blend file with materials. Also make sure that one material is called "Not Found " For more information  see also the addon "Simple Material Replacment"