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Handy Weight Edit is an alternative weight painting method in Edit mode. 

It offers precise control where and how weight is distributed. Instead of painting in hard to get areas with brushes, you can now select individual vertex and adjust the weight value. Along with all the familiar tools in edit mode like loop select, xray, lasso select, hide/unhide elements, it is never easier to modify weight values during character skinning process.

it has various tools to streamline the process:

1. increase or decrease weight value with mouse wheel and smooth selected vertices (hotkeys can be customized)

2. copy weight value as last selected vertex.

3. mirror weight value:

4. cycle through influenced weight groups. handy way to switch bone influences.

5. limit max weight groups. to increase lower end platform performance, a set of max bone number influence is a must. 

6. remove weight below set threshold. optimize performance by removing small influenced values.

7. select half of the mesh for mirror weight.

8. check if total weight value equal to one. for usage in game engines, many prefer each vertex total weight value is one. this operator will pick out the abnormal ones.

9. Some platform have max limit of how many bones a vertex can be influenced. This operator will check if there is any vertex that has exceeded set max weight group limit. for example, if the max is set to 3, this operator will pick out any vertex that have more than 3 vertex group influences.

10. basic normalize. simply make sure selected vertices have total max weight value equal to one

11. show active single vertex's weight groups. Although spreadsheet is very powerful, for complex rigging, it is more convenient to show only influenced weight groups of a selected vertex. 

***************** Update **************************

update 1.1.1:

made the "Active Vertex Weight Groups" read only to avoid flickering issue when mouse over the numbers.

update 1.1:

added: Normalize Weight: basic normalize selected vertices.

added: Check Exceeded Groups: pick out any vertex that exceed set max weight groups

added: A Panel shows single vertex's influence weight groups. easier to diagnose.

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