by Junnichi Suko in Models

1. Overview
3D model and animations of a griffin.

77601 Verts
113322 Edges
42322 Faces
83990 Tris

231 Bones
Animation names were listed in the documentation.

2. features
-Not only the flight feathers, but all feathers were modeled one by one.
-Accurate reproduction of the pose when the eagle closes its wings.
-A realistic flapping animation created by combining rotations along multiple axes, rather than simply moving it up and down.
-Anatomically correct bone name.
-4K Textures(Base color, Normal map, Roughness)
-Feather material used detailed textures for overlapping UV and add randomness by non Overlapping UV.

3. Why did I create this product
This product was created to create character for the game engine.
That's why a lot of short elemental animations are included.
Griffin for Unreal engine
How to use in game engine