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With Game Dev Tools you can improve your workflow between Blender and Substance Painter.

Video demostrations:

Gun created with this addon:


Control global width for slipted edges or individual Weights.

Export (low, high) in fbx format. 

Export (low, high) in obj format. 

Apply mirror modifier if object have it.

Auto vertex color id.

Others features for modeling are in poly utils.

Poly utils serves for everyday tasks that I usually need but in a more accessible and comfortable

With this tool it is able to save time using the same workflow as in 3d max but in a much simpler and simplified way, all from a single place!!.  

You can make groups of softening and hard edges including ridges in an intuitive and simple way. Once your object is modeled, you can easily export both low and high to later work the textures in substance painter. This addon is intended for hard modeling and the creation of video games. In 3d max you have to select and apply a number for each group of smoothing, here it is not necessary to give so many laps.

With the functionality Exploiting, your bakes in substance painter, will no longer create conflict, because of the proximity of objects that are not stained with each other.

game dev tools 

Documentation version 0.0

Top to down all options:

All options depends on the elements you have selected.

Block one Bevel:

Add bevel > this button add bevel modifier to selected objects.

Clamp Bevel > is for limit the level of the bevel.

Hide Bevel > this button is for view or hide the bevel modifier for the objects selecteds.

Width > is the amount of bevel for all object (global)

Segments > is the number of segments that will use the bevel modifier.

Profile > this is for create bevel with inside corners or outside cornes.

Apply > if you need apply the bevel modifier.

Remove > if you need remove the bevel modifier.

Block two Subsurf:

Add Subsurf > this button add Subsurf modifier to selected objects.

Hide Subsurf > this button is for view or hide the subsurf modifier for the objects selecteds.

Levels > is the number of subdivisions are used in the subsurf modifier.

Apply > if you need apply the subsurf modifier.

Remove > if you need remove the subsurf modifier.

Work in progress...

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  • kreedz almost 2 years ago

    Amazing tool, a must have for hard surface modeling. I also tried 3ds Max's Chamfer, but this is just better and simpler. 10/10

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