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Click on button on headers of editors, or use the shortcut.

What is the default shortcut? 


Also you can change the shortcut on keymap prefs, on "Window" panel.

Supported versions of Blender

I have tested the addon with 2.83 and higher versions. If you have a problem with any of those versions, please let me know.

For 2.93 use at least the version (v 1.1.1).

For 3.0 use at least the version(v 1.2.0). This is compatible with all versions sice 2.83 and above.


0. If you have the old version, remove it first 

1. Download the .zip file "editor_swap_[version].zip"

2. Go to Blender > User Preferences > Addons > Install

3. Select the downloaded file.

4. Activate the addon.

5. Enjoy it!

Modify the Shortcut

Of course. You can do this in the blender user preferences, in the Keymap tab. Just search for "Editor Swap" and you can assign a new shortcut.

Report a Bug

If you have any problem, report it on Addon Preferences. I will solve it as soon as possible. 

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