Dining Table Set

by Jeromedia OG in Models

Dining Table with leather chairs and Decoration

Highly detailed models of a dining table, chairs, narrow carpet and a decoration pot, filled with sand and PVC made grass. The models are inspired by some IKEA furnishings (Morbylanga Table and Bernhard chair). They are suitable for pretty much every scene you want to add them, and of course they are detailed enough for close up shots.

Ready to render - just append and get started!

Every model comes with Cycles Materials, so basically there´s no need to adjust values as long as you don´t want to change the color of the model. Simply append the group and start rendering! Every material is made from scratch and features PBR ready HD Textures (2048 x 2048 pixels, Diffuse, Normal, Spec, and Roughness maps for every material). So even closeups or detail shots don´t get you into trouble of washed out textures.

Detailed enough for every purpose!

Even if the grade of detail is high, the polycount is at a reasonable value. Table: at about 4.000 faces Chairs: : at about 10.000 faces decoration pot: at about 2.000 faces narrow carpet: at about 4.000 faces