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Desert Scapes is a collection of photorealistic desert plants, trees and cacti – perfect for archviz, environment renders and more.

The library includes 26 species of fully animated, render-ready desert plants, each with up to 8 variations.

LODify your scene

The free LODify addon saves memory and speeds up viewport performance by converting the plants to low-poly or proxy models with just 2 clicks.

Adapted for Scatter 4.0

As well as the assets (which you can append as usual – see below), your download includes a dedicated package designed to be used with Scatter 4.0.

Note: animated models are not yet directly integrated into the scatter manager, but this feature is coming soon, In the meantime, you can scatter them manually by selecting the animated assets, choosing a preset and hitting scatter. You can also distribute the plants using Blender's Particles System.

If you're using Blender 2.93, the automatic installation of the package won't work, you'll have to  install it manually by placing the unpacked components to your scatter folder. 

Animated plants? No problem

Making your plants naturally sway with a gentle desert breeze is easy! The collection is divided into two types, static and dynamic. The dynamic assets create loopable animations of 150 frames, at 24/30 fps.

Easily adjust the speed of the motion

To increase the wind speed, just select one of the given options in the Terra Scape Manager: Normal/ Fast/ Fastest. For example Fast will double the speed. Or enter any custom value.

Comparison of Normal and Fast speeds:

Cycles and Eevee, hand-in-hand.

The entire pack uses Principled BSDF materials that work perfectly in both Cycles and Eevee – just choose your preferred render engine and you’re ready to go.

Purchase once, get free updates forever!

Buy once, and all future updates are free of charge.


•  04/17/2021

Added loopable animation driver.

TerraScape Manager 1.0 is included (please remove Simple Asset Manager).

•  04/20/2021 

- Eevee shaders have been re-created.

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Software Version 2.8, 2.81, 2.82, 2.83, 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93, 3.0, 3.1
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