Dermis: A Multi-Level Sss Principled Shader For Cycles And Eevee

by Nathanael Townsend in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Dermis is a skin-focused multi-level SSS shader for Blender, inspired by Anders Langland’s multi-level SSS shader for Arnold 4. It affords the user more nuanced and intuitive control over skin tones and a more overall natural look to scattering colour and depth, as well as being more physically realistic (real skin can also be broken down into 3 "layers" that contribute differently to SSS).  

The shader is built with Cycles in mind, but works for Eevee too - although it might be overkill! It's also built with scans in mind, both whole models and textures from sites like Please keep in mind that it's just a material, and nothing procedural. It's built to work with scanned skin textures.
All scans used in the images showcased on this product are from the 3D Scan Store: 

10% of all profits from this product go to the Blender Development Fund.

Version 1.1 release: Integrated the colour management nodes for the skin tone inputs into the shader itself, making things a lot neater. Added colour outputs from the shader for lookdev of the skin tone layers.