Dennis And Rocky Rig

by Freelancer Le Phi Hung in Models

This character has been modeled and packed Blender 2.80

The character has rigged by using Rigify Addon.

I'm not good at modeling, I used the hair model (anime_male_hair01) from Manuel Bastioni Lab addon and rig with rigify addon.

I rig on Blender 2.80, so when updating to Blender 2.81+, some features failed.

eg: pole vector, toggle pole error

In this file you will get:

- 1 blend file in "model" folder (original rig file)

- 1 blend file in "anim" folder (this is an animation file, run cycle, linked rig in the "model" folder above)


Attribute of the rigs:

- head stretchable

- volume on / off when stretch body/arms/legs

- eye Blink 

- all attribute of rigify.


The characters was designed based on the characters of the game Little fighter 2 and Hero Fighter X.

I got the idea from the games: Little fighter 2 and Hero fighter X

+ Dennis

+ Rocky

You can refer to them via the following links:

Video describing the rigs: How to use the rig for animation:

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