Complete Realistic Tiger - (Texture + Fur + Armature)

by Quentin Le Duff in Models

To modify the armature : unselect "only render" (N pannel -> display -> only render). The armature is in the first layer.

To reset the armature position, go in pose mode, select all bones (A) and press altR then altG

You can control :

  • Face expressions
  • General position
  • Tongue shape

This model is ready to render. You just need to add an hdri of your choice.

If you have a good computer you should render it easy (I have a 960GTX Nvidia).

If you have a no powerful configuration you can diminue the fur account (Particle pannel -> children -> render)

If you start the animation you will see that I added a "fat simulation". It is a softbody simulation on the bully. You can suppress it if your computer is slow.