CG-Lion Car Paint Presets Pack 1.0

by CG-Lion in Materials, Shaders, Textures

CG-Lion Car Paint Presets Pack 1.0 is an advanced procedural photo-realistic car paint shader for the Cycles render engine, that ships packed with 32 ready to use real world car paint material presets.

The CGL_CarPaint node features built-in customizable color blending, metallic shading, metallic flakes, glossy coating and more.

Using the Car Paint Presets Pack:

In your scene,
Choose File > Append,
Locate the ‘CGL_Cycles_Car_Paint_Presets_Pack_1.0.blend’ file, and click it to browse its contents.
Click the ‘Material’ folder,
Double click the desired material preset,
Or select one or more wood material presets, and press ‘Append From Library’.

Select an object in your scene,
In the ‘Materials’ properties tab, add a new material, or select an existing one,
Click the material data block drop down button, and select a preset material you appended to the file.

* Note that the Metallic Flakes Scale parameter must be tweaked for the flakes size to fit your model's scale.

Does CG-Lion Car Paint Presets Pack 1.0 support GPU Rendering?


CG-Lion Car Paint Presets Pack 1.0 supports rendering in Cycles at both CPU and GPU rendering modes.

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