Cg-Lion Architectural Concrete Tiles Pack 1.0

by CG-Lion in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Unpacking the Architectural Concrete Tiles Pack library:

If you don't have 7-zip installed,
Download it from and install it.
Download the 5 7-zip volumes to your PC and save them to your preferred location.
Right click the first volume:
CGL_Arch_Concrete_Tiles_Pack_1.0.7z.001 and select "Extract files.." to unzip the product folders.

Using the Architectural Concrete Tiles Pack:

In your scene,
Choose File > Append,
Locate the ‘CGL_Arch_Concrete_Tiles_Pack_1.0.blend’ file,
* Located in the CGL_Arch_Concrete_Tiles_Pack_1.0 main folder.
Double-click it to browse its contents.
Double-click the ‘Material’ folder,
Double-click the desired material preset,
Or select one or more material presets, and press ‘Append From Library’.

Select an object in your scene,
In the ‘Materials’ properties tab, add a new material, or select an existing one,
Click the material data block drop down button, and select a preset material you appended to the file.

Customizable material parameters:

Base Color Multiplier:
Allows darkening and brightening the concrete color
AO Mix:
Controlling the amount of cavity shading
Clearcoat Amount:
Set the amount of secondary specular layer
Roughness Multiplier:
Control the material roughness level
Bump Strength:
Control the material bump intensity

1. The material ball preview icon in Blender may appear pink, as if the textures are not found, but this is just because of the extra time it takes to load the high quality textures.
2. The tiles patterns are setup for surfaces with a uniform UV layout.
The pattern may appear incorrect if the UV layout is non-uniform.
This can be corrected by tuning the mapping scale parameters inside the material.
3. CG-Lion Architectural Concrete Tiles Pack 1.0 materials may look render slightly differently when switching between Cycles and Eevee render engines.