Mographfx - Carl'S Animation & Physics Sim Expansion

by Carl's Sim Guides in Scripts and Addons

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  • Yusuf Semih Koçak
    2 days ago

    Thats a really great addon. İt amazingly help you to create particle effects which you probably cant create manually

  • Ben Dansie
    about 1 month ago

    Last minute, high profile job on a weekend - this plugin saved me a bunch of time and got the job over the line. Would recommend highly!

  • Levy Bergman
    about 2 months ago

    Particles in Blender are very hard to work with properly if you want quality and visually pleasing results. Carl's Animation & Physics Sim Expansion is a huge help and solution for every difficult situation when you try to make your visual dream come true.
    Huge plus for the constant updates and more and more simplified UI.
    Highly recommended!!!

  • Dan Breland
    2 months ago

    This is such an Impressive Addon. It is time saving and very easy workflow. This addon really helps streamline the workflow needed for creating explosive secondary particles and more.

  • Paul Beeley
    3 months ago

    This is the best addon I have purchased for the price! Love the effects. I got stuck and Carl got back in touch within hours, really supportive and passionate about his addon. Check out the tutorials on YouTube they are great!! Paul.

  • Dalbinder Grewal
    3 months ago

    It's taken me a while to get a review on here as I wanted to understand it thoroughly.. WOW !
    This addon is THE MOST FEATURE PACKED addon for anything related to MOTION GRAPHICS & PARTICLES, with simulating rigid body particles thrown in for good measure. Oh and did I mention the AMAZING CAMERA CONTROLLER!
    This addon can be used in so many aspects of differing Blender workflows. Animation, Rigid Body Dynamics, Particles, Camera Control, Cloning. This is my new favourite Blender addon.


  • Karan Mahant
    4 months ago

    The possibilities are limitless with this addon. Specially with the Innovative updates that Carl comes up with, its a great buy for any Blender artist.

    Suggestion : Would be great to see some more detailed step by step tutorials. Looking forward to it.

  • Microweb
    4 months ago

    Carl's addon is really well done, and he has clearly put a lot of thought and work into its assembly. The plugin gives me a clear, central place to control many common parts of Physics Simulation, significantly speeds up my creative process and has given me the time to play around and test lots of different setups. The Quick Tower Construction and Emission on Collision are two of my favorite features.

    Check out this great review from InspirationTuts on more details the plugin currently offers. Carl is continuing to update, so I expect this plugin will grow and continue to become more popular.

  • Enigmaw Studios
    4 months ago

    I bought this product about a week ago after seeing it reviewed online. Instantly, I was impressed by merely playing around with one of the features. It has more than five, and all of them are unique. Building towers. Creating particles that burst into tiny particles on impact. Turning your work into voxel art and a butt-load more. I encountered a small issue when constructing towers (it slowing down my pc) and wrote the creator about it and this guy, Carl the man, Carl the awesome, not only wrote me back to explain the issue but actively found a solution and created additional script the following day. Damn! That's customer service lol. I don't want people thinking that this reaction is required or bound to happen on each issue but this is the kind of quality and dedication we all dream of. His program does exactly what it says it does and makes your Blender experience much easier!
    By all, means, "Carls Physics And Simulation Expander" is a steal. Buy it now!

  • lofi animator
    4 months ago

    This is a really good add on, I am planning on using this for my future animations. This add on provides features that should be implemented into the core program. My top 10 recommendations. The secondary particle system is my favorite.

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