Bezier Mesh Shaper

by RNavega in Scripts and Addons

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  • David 11 months ago

    Since I've dived into blender a few weeks ago, I been wishing just this feature, thanks!!

    The next level of this tool would be the ability to add multiple Bezier curves on adjacent parallel edge loops simultaneously, to fine to more of the mesh at once, more preciously without using the falloff settings.

  • Benedict Varga about 1 year ago

    I like it. It can be very handy for making blend shapes. :-)

    Just make sure you hit the Enter key once you're done shaping because if you try switching workspaces without doing that Blender 2.82 will abruptly close and you'll lose any unsaved work.

  • Jake about 1 year ago

    Awesome tool that speeds up my workflow while poly modeling! I'm using it all the time now.

    However, I definitely agree with some feedback here, I wish it followed Blender design patterns a bit more closely. I wish the settings menu was in the side menu like other add-ons instead of being behind a hotkey that I always seem to forget, and a tool shelf icon would speed up going through the top menus instead.

  • Bryan over 1 year ago

    Thank you for the addon, RNavega!

  • Coverop over 1 year ago

    Great addon!

  • Neil Richards over 1 year ago

    I now find this an essential tool for freehand curve editing meshes made by converting curves from grease pencil lines. You can just easily make any shape and have a pretty curved mesh edge wherever you need one. Great combined with loop tools (free and in Blender addons) - Hiding verts doesn't affect them which is great! Also using it with blenderbezierutils at - it is lovely working with both when you need high accuracy!

  • CG_GroundBirdie over 1 year ago

    Excellent, Elegant, Easy!

  • alex almost 2 years ago

    Excellent work. Thank you.

  • Daniel S├ínchez almost 2 years ago

    It is quite simple to use and it works really nice, but i miss few things.

    In first place, i think it should have an icon in the tool shelf for being more easy to acces. in second place, it would be nice a "info" panel with the options during its use.

    Anyway, is really easy to use it and you can see the options it has in the addons prefferences. so i highly recommend it.

  • Adam about 2 years ago

    Your addon is absolutely Brilliant! You just made my life a lot easier Thanks. Keep up the good work!

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