Base Meshes Character Starter Kit + Rig

by menglow in Models

Tutorial Change Meshes:

1.Download and extract the Zip file, open the Blender file name “Superhero_Male_A” as example.

2.Go to Edit Mode and select Material > Foot > Select and delete face (*make sure not selected wrong face) then back to Object Mode.

3.Select "_Pt_Foot" as example and snap “Cursor to Selected” with key “Shift+S”.

4.Select part meshes “Superhero_Male_Foot02” as example and snap “Selection to Cursor” with key “Shift+S”.

5.Select “Superhero_Male_Foot02” and ”Superhero_Male_A” meshes together and make sure ”Superhero_Male_A”as active meshes and Join together with key “Ctrl+J” or click at Tool tab.

6.Go Edit Mode and select both vertex and click “Remove Doubles” to remove duplicate vertex.

7.Changed Edit Mode to Object Mode and make sure Armature Modifier is correct. Done.