Skin Shader For Octane Render 4.X And 2018.X

by Umberto Celentano in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Achieve a realistic skin can be an hard challenge in Octane because there are a lot of nodes to connect to reproduce the same optical behavior of the various layers of the human tissue.

This skin shader was build to provide 3D artists with a flexible and easy to use tool, allowing them to quickly obtain realistic skins without going mad with complex nodal setup. 

The best results are achieved using high quality and resolution textures but also with low quality textures, such as those provided with DAZ 3D models, you can get good results.

This shader was tested successfully only with Octane 4.x and 2018.x for Blender and I only recommend it to users that own those versions.

Future upgrades will be fully compatibles and optimized for upcoming release 2019.x of Octane Render.

Head model is courtesy of ten24 and The 3D Scan Store.
Octane Render and Octane logo are all right reserved of OTOY Inc.