Set Of Peppermint Willow Tree ( Agonis Flexuosa ) ( 2 Trees )

by Moonik Office in Models

2 different Peppermint Willow in the scene.

Agonis flexuosa is a species of tree that grows in the south west of Australia. It is easily the most common of the Agonis species, and is one of the most recognisable trees of Western Australia, being commonly grown in parks and on road verges. The species is commonly known as Western Australian peppermint, Swan River peppermint or peppermint, and willow myrtle for its weeping habit. The Noongar peoples know the tree as Wanil, Wonong or Wannang. It has fibrous brown bark, long narrow dull-green leaves. It grows in a weeping habit, and looks remarkably like the weeping willow from a distance. 

Polygons (Total number of scene): 1,708,597

Verts (Total number of scene): 2,138,442

Peppermint Willow1: 5/75 m

Peppermint Willow2: 5/50 m

* Features:

-Optimized for Distant and Closeup Views

- Clean Topology

- Unwrapped Overlapping

- Real-World Scale

- Transformed into zero

- Objects Named

- Materials Named

- Units: Meters

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Published 4 months ago
Software Version 2.92
Misc Data uvs-unwrapped, low-high-resolution, normal-mapped, textured
License Royalty Free
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