Painted Metal Table With Stools - Industrial Style

by Imagine CG Images in Models

Painted Metal Table & Stool

Whether you are creating interior design scenes, concepts/mood or grungy industrial inspired images, a common feature is painted metal furniture. The simplest yet most classic of all might be the simple table with stools.

Painted Metal Table & Stools

This model is a very basic, metal table & stool, painted with grunge and rust starting to show through...a good industrial piece or maybe to add interest to a bar or post-apocalyptic scene.

The simple metal stools feature a cut chevron design on the sides while the table is simply reinforced at the sides.

Ease and Simplicity!

The materials base color is customizable using a Hue, Saturation & Value slider, so you can quickly change the table or stools (or both!) to suit your scene.

The model is fairly low poly with the Subdivision Surface Modifier un-applied so you can control the poly count to suit your needs. In addition, the details such as the chevron pattern and screws etc are painted normal detail which keeps the poly count even lower but doesn't compromise the effect.

PBR Materials...of course

The PBR (physically based shading) material creates realistic and physically accurate materials that will respond to their environment. 

This model's materials were created with the new Principled Shader (Blender 2.79) and renders in Cycles - both the table and stool's UV's have been atlassed onto one texture, so you only need to create one material and it will cover everything.   Four image textures are included: BaseColour, Metallic, Roughness & Normal.