Nature Scans - Rocks

by Eisklotz in Models

Nature Scans - Rocks 
helps you to create more realistic nature renders with less effort and much less time!

Try out the DEMO with 4 Rock for free.

Nature Scans is a small add-on which let you add photo scanned rocks into your Blender scenes with just a few clicks. I spent months on searching for rocks and on developing a workflow for creating the low poly version of the photo scanned rocks.

Nature Scans is created to be as simple to use as possible.The library is full integrated into Blender 2.8 and works perfect with Cycles and EEVEE

Enrich your nature scenes or outdoor archviz renders in seconds and don't waste time on creating (unrealistic) rocks. Use “real” rocks. 22 different rocks with 3 levels of details are included in this add-on.

But the best thing is, you don’t need a subscription. Buy it and it’s yours!

Every single model came with 3 Levels of Detail (LOD). Choose low poly models and place them in the background or add those with the higher polycount near the camera.

The LOD 0 models have about 20.000 - 30.000 faces. LOD 1 models have 3.000-5.000 and the LOD 3 only a few hundreds. 

The models has 4K textures maps (color, normal and roughness) and were bake from raw models with many millions of polygons. 

Below you can see the quality of the RAW scan. This simple rock has about 10.000.000 polygons and this high polycount is necessary to bake an nice normal map.

This amount of detail makes the textures so good, that it is very hard to say which it the low and which is the high poly model.

After the installation  a new tab will appear in right sidebar of your viewport. Choose the asset type you want, choose the level of detail you need, select a rock and add it. 

That's it.

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