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Were you ever bored by these tasks?

  • Set up a PBR set in Blenders shader editor or exchange it with a different one.
  • Adjust the UV mapping for them.
  • Match up materials in a scene.
  • Adjust PBR materials to your needs.
  • Layer materials on top of each other.
  • Add enhanced effects to you materials.
  • Bake those materials.

How easy would it be if you had:

  • A single node that manages the complete setup and allows you to choose a different PBR set with just a few clicks.
  • While the same node offers easily configurable UV mappings as well as has options to tweak essential parameters.
  • A layer manager that is as simple as intuitive as the ones known from PhotoShop, GIMP or Krita.
  • Ready made grunge maps to affect saturation, brightness, roughness and other channels with just an additional node.
  • A mask generator to add different effects to your material.
  • One single node to bake the final material for use in Cycles, Eevee, Unreal, Unity, LuxCoreRender, AMD ProRender or others. Fast and repeatable after you've modified something.¬†

Use Material Wizard to safe lots of time setting up materials for Eevee and Cycles. Each PBR, grunge or image node displays the texture it hosts, so you easily navigate through your material setup. Safe lots of nodes and socket connections compared to Blenders default shader nodes. Additionally, you can simply share parts of the node setup between different materials, which is useful when blending materials in a scene.

Take a look at the Official Homepage for detailed information, manuals and showcasing videos!

Better visualisation of what a node is

Grunge images to affect all material properties 

A layer manager that acts like those in a 2D graphic application

Masks like mesh edges and ambient occlusion can easily be created and adjusted to your needs

Most common UV settings are directly on the PBR / Image node

Quick view: I always loved Ctrl-Shift-LMB from Node Wrangler. Now you click on the corresponding icon at the socket to do the same, even better, there's a button to show the sockets output just on one half of the object, while the other half shows the final material.

Quick create: Every input socket has a quick create button to create most common nodes with two clicks, automatically creating a connection.

Version 1.2 released!

Now with full bake support! Bake your material easily for use in Eevee, Cycles, LuxCoreRender, AMD ProRender, Unreal and Unity Engine. Other setups are simple to create. After setting up the Bakery node, a single click is needed to re-bake after you've tweaked your material or require a different configuration! See the baking tutorial down below.

Besides that, this has been added as well:

+ Advanced Layer Manager, to mix each channel of a material individually

+ Emission and Displacement as new material channels and Volume and Displacement as shader channels .. and support for Displacement mapping

+ Emit, Glass and Translucent shaders (Emission and Glass can be baked)

+ Support for multiple PBR libraries (including Extreme PBR's library layout) and user grunges

Tutorial showcasing texturing by primary using and modulate PBR sets:

Tutorial with a different approach, materials a mostly created from grunge maps and mask generators:

How to bake using Material Wizard:

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