Magnolia For Blender

by simonsanchezart in Scripts and Addons

Magnolia for Blender is a set of growing tools targeted to optimizing and improving your Blender workflow.

Easily create edge bevels and bake them into normal maps with the Beveler function ~ Align selected edges to world axes ~ Detect mesh issues including non-manifold geometry with the Mesh Inspector ~ Easy export of multiple objects to Unity & Unreal Engine ~ And more...

Check out the demo below to see the features in action :)

Full Guide/Tutorial


  • Add and easily modify and bake edge bevels without struggling with geometry/shading issues
  • Non-destructive vertex snapper for blocking/grey-boxing
  • Display of non-planar faces to avoid shading issues in hard-surface models
  • Align selected edges to world axes
  • Export all selected objects at world origin to Unity (.fbx & .obj) and Unreal (.fbx) ~ automatically export PBR maps (.fbx only)
  • Inspect and debug meshes for flipped normals, non-manifold geometry, mesh intersections, tris, n-gons and more...
  • Assign Object name to Mesh name
  • Assign objects with non-uniform scale to self-managed collection ~ easily apply scale
  • Stack all select UV faces to 2D Cursor

Planned Features:

  • Align object based on selected face normal
  • Insert edge-loop while maintaining curvature
  • Re-sample cylindrical shapes
  • Generate objects & automatically apply textures drawing in the Image Editor
  • And more ~ send your suggestions ;)
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Published 11 months ago
Blender Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3
License Creative Commons
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