Ik Dynamic Addon

by GreenJadeLeaf in Scripts and Addons

IK Dynamic is still in its early stages of development. It started as a small proof-of-concept idea and was not really meant to be an addon. Many features were added to make it user-friendly but some areas can still be worked on.

This addon does not bring procedural animations to game engines. In order to get procedural animations in game engines, they must be created in the game engine itself, not in Blender.

IK Dynamic is designed for multi-legged creatures. It is not suited for bipeds such as humans or quadrupeds such as cats or dogs even though it could work with extensive tweaking. Do not buy it if you want to use it only with these types of character. Traditional Keyframes or Motion Capture animations are better suited for this task.

This addon tries to automatically animate the legs of a multi-legged creature according to its movement and position. In order to achieve this, an additional IK Dynamic armature is created and the original and newly created armature are linked together by the addon. The addon animates the newly created armature, to which the original armature is constrained to.

IK Dynamic generated armatures must be considered as volatile. You should not keep them in your files.

When installing the addon for the first time, install from a blank Blender file.

Before rendering, any IK Dynamic animations must be baked to keyframes and IK Dynamic must be disabled after.

Dev Fund Contributor
Published 9 months ago
Blender Version 3.1
License GPL
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