Ice Tools Pro

by Blender Guppy in Scripts and Addons

Ice Tools Pro is a modular boolean and draw based modelling tool designed to assist hard surface workflows and modeling by way of retopology in an intuitive and non-intrusive fashion.

Works for Blender version 2.8+ 

You can also purchase this in Gumroad.


  • Draw based modular boolean cut, add and slice functions complete with depth, offset and symmetry control
  • Draw objects can be used to build up existing models or use them for boolean operations
  • Fast modular boolean workflows while also letting you manage boolean modifier objects with great ease and less operators
  • You can achieve complete modular workflow while building sci-fi environments or characters
  • Innovative and fast symmetry operator making use of the mirror modifier
  • Use “link modifiers” to quickly shape starter geometries
  • Extract mesh faces to create unique shapes for boolean operations
  • Retopology functions to assist in building organic to hard surface assets
  • Auxilliary functions like the ghost knife, convert to wire curve and draw poly face to assist in your modelling whether in object or edit mode

The default hotkey for the pie menu is Ctrl+Shift+X, you can change this in the user preferences settings of the add-on.

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Check out the read_me file for installation instructions, contacts and resources.

Download files has backward versions for compatibility purposes . Use the latest numbered version.

Follow the Creative Bundle thread in the forums to keep track of updates for the add-ons or ask any questions and report bugs there.

The Ice Tools Pro add-on is part of the Creative Bundle pack.

* All updates are free.